Fair question

2022.01.26 16:39 randomjournalist1 Fair question

In 2018 spiderman into the spider-verse got nominated for an oscar and won it eventually, while in 2021 Kimetsu no yaiba movie : mugen train is a far superior film didn't even get nominated?
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2022.01.26 16:39 youngsenpapi never tried the glow on my kefla and I’m surprised of how much it glows!

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2022.01.26 16:39 Hopturcem 🤖Flokiverse 🤖 Fairlaunch in 30 min | Join to our TG!! | Solid whitepaper, solid website, big plans after launch

BSC needs a leader and Flokiverse is the meme for the job He is here to create an ecosystem and a BSC contract in which it is safe to invest and trade on a daily basics. Combining the ultimate meme tokens: Shiba Inu and Doge with the new metaverse trend, Flokiverse is ready to lead the way!
Telegram Website Whitepaper
Explaining our tokenomics ✅ Our token is designed to reward holders. ✅ Therefore, all cardholders will benefit from Flokiverse redistribution after each transaction. ✅ To make our token more resistant against whales or manipulated sales, there will be use taxes. The commissions will be automatically added to the liquidity pool.
🔰 TOKENOMICS SUPPLY: 1 Trillion Liqiudity: 90% Burning wallet: 5% Marketing: 5%
🔰 TAXS - Buy: 10% - Liqiudity pool: 5% - Holders: 5%
- Sell: 10% - Liqiudity pool: 4% - Holders: 2% - Marketing: 2% - Team: 2%
Part 1 Website Launch Contract deployment 2000 Telegram Members 1000 Twitter Followers Fair launch Marketing Campaign
Part 2 Liquidity Pool Lock PancakeSwap Listing 1,000 Holders CoinGecko Listing CoinMarketCap Listing Whitepaper release
Part 3 Team AMA with community members News Partnerships 5,000 Holders CEX Listing Centralized exchanges listings
Part 4 10,000 Holders Whitepaper V2 Website Redesign Flokiverse Swap Influencer Awareness Partnerships TBA
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2022.01.26 16:39 GiorgioBroughton Hug or handshake for meeting someone on a first date?

What would you all do? Would you freak out with a hug, or do you prefer it?
Is a handshake too cold / business-like?
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2022.01.26 16:39 assagitaz TH Moy - Dark Skyes [Vitioh]

Publisher: Vitioh
Out Date: 2022-01-06
Quality: MP3 21.48 Mb / AIFF 94.44 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
TH Moy - Dark Skyes / (Key F#m, BPM 120, Length 8:55)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=531586
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2022.01.26 16:39 Ashamed-Square-804 Question about VIN

I have VIN 15807X. My SA says they can’t tell the chip until they get it. I called the regular service line and they transferred me to the same guy I talked to yesterday who told me that. Any help here?
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2022.01.26 16:39 bmaggot Screen unresponsive after update

So I updated my OnePlus 9 Pro to new version, Oxygen OS 12, I believe.
After the process the screen is totally unresponsive. You cannot input PIN. Safe Mode does not help. Recovery nor Fastboot get no touchscreen input.
The keys all work. Phone charges. USB-C keyboard does not do anything.

Any options?
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2022.01.26 16:39 IBlameMyBrother A tale of two twitters

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2022.01.26 16:39 SolutionPutrid2402 [H] HOT [Lifetime Warranty Accounts] 50% OFF EVERYTHING VPNs Streaming Music Sports Food] [W] PayPal

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2022.01.26 16:39 ItsSArCaZm 220126 Yujin Instagram Update

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2022.01.26 16:39 DaINFamousJN Name of song the beat was sampled by Chris Brown Gimme that.

I can't remember if this sampled a song or the other way around. I believe it's a 90s hiphop song but could be wrong.
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2022.01.26 16:39 Hero-Evergrow Metaverse partnership

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2022.01.26 16:39 nqlawyer Attention to detail

Supervisor has commented on my attention to detail a few times. She’s nice enough about it and reminds me everyone has those moments but that I should seek to improve on it. In the context of a relatively high paced corporate transaction with some late nights, emails flying back and forward - how can I actually improve? Can’t print things off so that is out of the question. Am I doomed!?
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2022.01.26 16:39 lecompositor The Stock Market doesn't know wtf it wants to do and neither do you.

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2022.01.26 16:39 No_Carob_9782 Hi, this is my new song, it's a different genre than I normally create and I don't know what genre to include this song in. But I like it, so I decided to publish it. I will be happy for your feedback and if you like the song, I will be happy for your support.

Hi, this is my new song, it's a different genre than I normally create and I don't know what genre to include this song in. But I like it, so I decided to publish it. I will be happy for your feedback and if you like the song, I will be happy for your support. submitted by No_Carob_9782 to IndieMusicFeedback [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 16:39 Humble_World708 Just Making Your Monday Better 💚 @prettylittlething

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2022.01.26 16:39 v3igar_1 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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2022.01.26 16:39 deadsneed tiny

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2022.01.26 16:39 Unhumorous-Human Smelly Bushes - (Hot Zone) - Rate 1 to 10

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2022.01.26 16:39 leemode [US-NM] [H] Pops [W] PayPal/Demon Slayer

Here are the pops. All I’m currently looking to trade for right now is Tanjiro and Inosuke pops. Preferably the Box Lunch Tanjiro and the Challice (non chase) Inosuke.
Prices don’t include shipping, it’s $4 for a regular sized pop and $8 for the larger boxes. I’m negotiable, so make an offer if you don’t agree with my prices. Thank you for looking.
Dead Yamcha $25
Billy and Tommy $50
Young Bucks $15
Avengers Assemble Iron Man $40
Avengers Assemble Thor $40
Perfect Cell $35
Super Saiyan Gohan $15
Super Saiyan Blue Goku $25
Gotenks $15
Master Roshi (max power) $10
Master Roshi (peace sign) $15
Goku (kamehameha) $25
Super Saiyan 2 Gohan $30
Super Saiyan 3 Goku $25
Trunks $20
Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks $20
Super Saiyan Goten $10
Super Saiyan God Goku $85
Hit $50
Piccolo $25
Android 17 $15
Super Saiyan Blue Vegito $25
Super Saiyan Vegito $20
Captain America (Hot Topic) $20
Captain America (GameStop) $20
Captain America (Walmart) $10
Captain America $10
Crossbones $5
Crossbones (unmasked) $5
Yondu $60
Winter Soldier $20
Iron Man (NYCC shared) $40
Iron Man $5
Hawkeye $5
Hulk $5
Loki $100
Aizawa $20
Deku $15
Magneto $10
Thanos $20
Cosmic Ghost Rider $40
Captain America (World War 2) $80
Mirio $20
Tokoyami $25
Mr. Compress $35
All For One (Big Apple Collectibles) $15
All For One $30
Darth Maul (Challice Collectibles) $20
Knight of Ren (Walmart) $10
Flocked Porg (Hot Topic) $5
Finn (GameStop) $5
Shawn Michaels $15
Darth Maul $20
Knight of Ren (GameStop) $10
Han Solo (SDCC shared) $5
Finn (Barnes and Noble) $5
Shinsuke Nakamura $25
Glow in the dark Darth Vader (Target) $25
Knight of Ren (Funko Shop) $20
Han Solo (GameStop) $5
Rey (Target) $5
Kevin Owens $25
Darth Vader (GameStop) $25
Knight of Ren (Smuggler’s Bounty) $20
Han Solo (Loot Crate) $5
Rey (Hot Topic) $5
Finn Balor $25
Darth Vader (Smuggler’s Bounty) $20
Darth Vader $15
Knight of Ren (Hot Topic) $10
Rey $5
Glow in the dark Flash (Funko Shop) $25
Nightwing (NYCC shared) $30
Boba Gets His Bounty (Smuggler’s Bounty) $50
Cantina Faceoff (Walmart) $15
Luke Skywalker in Speeder (Smuggler’s Bounty) $15
Zoom $5
Jay Garrick (Legion of Collectors) $5
Bloodsport $5
Aquaman $5
Aquaman (Legion of Collectors) $15
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2022.01.26 16:39 CookiesMan20187 Nah my boy Michael got old

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2022.01.26 16:39 oOflyeyesOo What is going on right now in Jennings?

They just keep flooding onto w flo. All north county coos, well past 100 I've seen gone by. Looks like two injured have left in a ambulance. I have just been sitting at Wendy's.
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2022.01.26 16:39 huncholu I-485 Interview canceled upon arrival. What an absolute joke.

My interview was set for today at 1:35 here in Irving,TX. I go up to the counter full of joy because I’ve been waiting so long for this moment, USCIS worker takes my ID and scans my letter from USCIS. “Unfortunately the immigration officer scheduled to interview didn’t show up today, so your interview will be canceled. You will receive a letter within 2-4 weeks for another interview date.” I’ve never been so disappointed in my life. Like why? I drove almost a whole hour just for this, and the fact they can just do whatever they want and give no alternative but to just wait. IVE BEEN WAITING LONG ENOUGH. Ugh, this has just ruined my whole day.
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2022.01.26 16:39 Latter-Lab-5110 🏦Cheems Inu Bank 🐕$CINUBANK

🌞 Rise and shine everyone! $CINUBANK is ready to serve you today!
CheemsInuBank is a trusted place to invest your assets. Our team serves from the heart and will seriously keep your investment stable.
CInuBank aims for a high interest for our investors. Let’s work together to make that green come true. Invest now and we ensure that there will be no regrets.
✓We will launch our project $CINUBANK today at 7pm UTC.
✓We will release limited banknote NFTs in February 2nd 2022
✓Liquidity will be locked for 1 months
✓We gather funds to make online exhibition of our NFTs
A good service is our priority. Please contact our team if you need further information regarding CInuBank.
website : www.cheemsinubammk.com (live in 2 hours)
Tg : https://t.me/cheemsinubank Twitter: https://twitter.com/CINUBammk
Tg : https://t.me/cheemsinubank Twitter: https://twitter.com/CINUBammk
Tg : https://t.me/cheemsinubank
Tg : https://t.me/cheemsinubank
Tg : https://t.me/cheemsinubank
Tg : https://t.me/cheemsinubank
Tg : https://t.me/cheemsinubank
Tg : https://t.me/cheemsinubank
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2022.01.26 16:39 carnage2270 When pressing G to "try it on", you keep the helm attachment that you were wearing before! Kinda looks nice imo

When pressing G to
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