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2022.01.26 16:28 Dustgol "CUSTOM MADE" Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low just $44 USD

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2022.01.26 16:28 NORDLAN Florida radio host with 'intimate details' of Matt Gaetz's alleged sex crimes pleads guilty

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2022.01.26 16:28 BLIGATORY Veteran just turned 4 years old last week - if you could only keep 3 tracks from it, which ones would they be?

There's so many to consider, but I'd probably end up siding with Baby I'm Bleeding, Rainbow Six, and Curb Stomp!
I'm currently running a survey as part of BLIGATORY - a community-focused music journalism outlet - where anyone can contribute a score to our reviews and help decide the top tracks! We're covering Veteran this coming week in honor of its anniversary. Fill out the form if you'd like! 🖤
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2022.01.26 16:28 organ_malpractice Shout out to Belgium Italy and Germany for making these godly foods possible!

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2022.01.26 16:28 Smooth-Growth-8730 Shouldnt do this

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2022.01.26 16:28 RadiantFangs Vuljin has really good attack scaling if murlocs is in the game with his new buddy.

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2022.01.26 16:28 micronesiarain Episode 8- "Scared Sort of Straight" 👮🏾‍♀️🚔

Episode 8- after Fleur's return and OG's elimination
Lisbon: Whew! God that was intense.
Lisbon CF: I am counting my blessings that I am still in this race. I was dangerously close to that lipsync and had I gone against Unieke or OG? I don't think I would be sitting here right now. But you know I'm like a cat. I have nine lives and I still have a couple more to use!
Ebony: Unieke, how are you feeling after that?
Unieke: I don't quite know what to think. I'm mad at myself for letting myself do poorly. But there is something about lipsyncing for your life that puts everything into perspective and is oddly relaxing. Outside of this, I'm lipsyncing four or five nights a week, it's what I do. Being on a stage and performing tonight felt like such a rush and a release of energy.
Unieke CF: If these girls thought I was scary before, they have a big storm coming. Performing is like a drug to me and I just got my fix. My sights are set on the crown and I won't stop until I get there.
Anthyy: She barely left but welcome back Fleur!!
Fleur: Thank you. Congratulations on the win, you deserve it!
Anthyy: Well, we both won! You slayed too so be proud of yourself.
Fleur CF: Anthyy is a great friend of mine. Helping her win the challenge last week makes me so happy. However, I am mentally checked out of this competition. I mean come on, I've already gone home!
Ebony: That was really fun. Jords, you're sickening. I'm glad we were able to work together.
Jords: Me too! Having a better understanding of each other really shifted our dynamic. Friends?
Ebony: Co-workers...
Jords: Friendly co-workers?
Ebony: Fine. We are officially friendly co-workers!
Sharris: I wanted to say something really quick. I have loved sharing this experience with each of you. Which is why it hurts to say that I think I'm leaving tonight.
Anthyy: What!? You did great, you weren't even close to going home!
Sharris: Since day one, I have been judged really hard, and I'm very frustrated that Micro can't see the personality, Because I am so fucking real, you have no idea. And I don't feel that I am being understood here. I am beautiful. I'm a beautiful person internally and on the outside, and its so, so frustrating to me that that image does not seem to be conveyed. Week after week when we come into elimination round, I am so negatively critiqued.
Ebony: Sharris, stop. Sleep on this and get some rest.
Fleur: It's really easy for you to say that Ebony. You have gotten nothing but praise from Micro. Don't you dare act like you know what it feels like to get overlooked by the judges every week. You don't know shit.
Ebony: Really Fleur? If you wanna go, let's go. You're jealous. You are so jealous and so bitter that you showed up here thinking you were the one and every week, I've showed you up. I'm done acting like I haven't excelled here. I have worked my ass off and it shows. If you don't want to be here, get the fuck out. But what you're not about to do is tell me how I feel or how I should be talking to my friend. Congrats on coming back. Congrats on being paired with Anthyy. We all know how she carried you tonight. Enjoy your stay here, it'll be over soon! Mwah
The Next Day
5 queens enter the workroom, Sharris and Fleur are both absent
Jords: Uh...why are there only five of us?
Ebony: Damn.
Jords: What?
Ebony: Going back to the hotel last night, I really did not expect for Sharris to leave.
Anthyy: You think she's gone for good??
Ebony: Sharris isn't the type of person to just not show up. If she's not here, it's for a reason.
Anthyy: Honestly, I'm really upset about Fleur not being here. We worked so hard to bring her back into the race and then she goes right back to not caring about what happens. It's not fair.
Lisbon: I think all of us can vouch for how much our partners in the last challenge wanted to return. Fleur is my girl but throwing away that opportunity when so many people wanted it, it's messed up.
Unieke CF: The tension in the workroom is thicker than my ass after a barbecue. We all thought we were walking into the top seven. And there are only five of us here. It just feels weird!
Micro swings the door open and walks in
Micro: Hey hey hey! Wait, where are Fleur and Sharris?
Jords: We haven't seen them since last night.
Micro: Really? That is very disappointing to hear. I'm gonna see what I can do to figure this out but the show must go on for right now and hopefully they will return soon! How about a little mini challenge?! I need each of you to get up in your best judicial drag and tell the world about a law that needs to be passed! You have ten minutes, go!
the queens rush over to the mirrors to get into their robes
Ebony grabs a gavel and chases Anthyy around the room with it
Micro: All rise, for the cast of Micro's Drag Race!
Anthyy: Good morning honorable judges. We all gathered here to discuss and pass a new law about why Unieke a drag queen from a house of UV who is suspected of being too talented. Should be forever banned from competing in races. First and foremost she is just too good! She never did atrocious in her run this season. Next argument I have to point out is the fact that you can not even try to go up against a lip moving to a melody fight because you automatically fail. Which is unfair to the rules! My last argument I prepared is the fact that she is a threat to everyone in the competition, because she has a very dangerous panda on set which may attack with her claws any second! I hope you judges will consider my request and bring the law into effect soon. If the law comes to life make sure to arrest Micronesiarain for letting her stay last week!
Ebony: The one thing I think should be made immediately legal is... murder! Because sometimes, a bitch wanna kill!
Jords: You need a law that needs to be passed? Talk about the fact that the wigs that Ant-Nita wears are HIDEOUS! You must have another one up in there. They look like the bush at the Hudson River where they do the nigerian thursday chant. LORD, throw them in the bin or donate them to the 13th reason why. Pass this law and I won't even hesitate to light those bitches on fire!
Lisbon: This law must be passed because I said so or you will get the...electric chair!
Unieke: What law needs to be passed!?! ME CARRYING AROUND ALL OF THIS ASSS!!! Everytime I walk it’s like a round of applause from a theatre full of thousands of people….sniffles it’s music to my ears..BUT THEN HERE COME A LIL PIGGY SAYING “HEY! YOU! MA’AM!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING BEING DOUBLE CHEEKED UP ON A TUESDAY MORNING LIKE THAT!? YK ITS ILLEGAL!!!” As I turned around and my ass clapped, I told him “IT IS NOT MY FAULT FOR THESE VOLUPTUOUS CAKES TO BE SO FAT!! I just hope y’all can understand my struggle sniffles it’s three much for me..
Micro: Points were made, points were made! The winner of the mini challenge is Jords! Congratulations queen.
Jords: Thank you, finally I win something!!
Micro: Alright, moving on! Quick question. How many of you have been in handcuffs?
Unieke: Eowwww you know that's your girl!
Micro: For this week's main challenge, all of you will be going to jail.
Unieke CF: Oh hell no! Not those kind of handcuffs!
Micro: Unfortunately, my lawyers said I can't actually send you all to jail. But I can make you compete in challenges and let's be real, that's worse than prison! Today, you will be over acting in the new hit TV show "Scared Sort of Straight". Create your own misunderstood teen character and most importantly, make me laugh!
the queens scatter across the workroom preparing their scripts
Ebony CF: In this challenge, not only do we have to act, but we have to come up with our own concept and write this whole script. This is something I'm really passionate about! My creative writing has gotten me nominated for three "Babybel Peace Prizes" so yeah...be scared.
Jords: Lord I make myself laugh!! Whew I need to breathe I can't with this. Oh I can't put that in, oh bitch I can't.
Unieke CF: I'm over here minding my own damn business, writing my script. And Jords is over there like a black Alyssa Edwards laughing at her own jokes. I mean really, bless her heart.
Anthyy sits with an empty notebook
Anthyy CF: Everyone seems to have an idea of what they want to do with this challenge. I have never seen a show like this before. I am starting to get really stressed. I've been gaining confidence with each challenge but this whole thing is making me feel like I'm not deserving of being here. When we go out there, I don't know what I'm going to do. Everything is falling apart.
Lisbon writes down eight pages of lines
Lisbon CF: I know I was confident about my rope look and we saw how that worked out. But this challenge is just clicking with me! I'm writing and writing like Sherry Pie putting out a new casting call for a musical. These other girls think I'm the next to go? Hmm...we'll see about that one!
Micro walks into the workroom
Micro: Hey queens. Come on over to the table.
queens gather with Micro around the table
Micro: I wanted to provide an update on the situation with Fleur and Sharris. They have both decided that they did not want to show up today. Actions have consequences. As much as it hurts to say this, both of them have been eliminated from the competition. I hope we see them at the reunion.
At this stage in the competition, having five of you was not something I had anticipated. After the sudden departure of Fleur and Sharris, I made some phone calls. And I am pleased to announce that OG will be re-entering the competition and rounding out our top six. I hope you all understand this decision and welcome her back with open arms. Come on in OG!
OG runs into the workroom and glares at all the queens before laughing and running over to hug them all
OG CF: I'm baaaack! I got a call from Micro that she needed a queen so here I am. And this time, I am focused and won't get in my own way!
Micro: Now, this is unprecedented and as I'm sure you all know, we're about to hit the runway. For OG, this means you only have thirty minutes to get ready. If you want this, show it to me. I know you can do it. Good luck and I will see all of you soon!
Micro leaves the workroom
Unieke: Welcome back sis! You have got to work fast to make this work.
OG: All I wanted was a second chance and I got it. I'm not gonna complain about the time. I'm back and I've gotta get it together!
Lisbon CF: OG is back in the competition and I am getting nervous. She only has a short amount of time to get her script ready and prepare for the runway. But if any queen can pull it off, it's her. I can't count her out tonight.
Ebony accidentally handcuffs herself to one of the wig heads as the queens rush to the runway
Ebony: Help! Heeeelp!
the lights flash as Micro struts down in her look
Micro Episode 8 Look
Micro: Welcome to Micro's State Prison Race! In this week's challenge, I sent my girls to the slammer as they over acted in "Scared Sort of Straight", a new show covering moody, misunderstood teens as they get straightened out through a day in jail. And in this case, it's less straightening out and more like..."Scared Bicurious"! Now on the runway, category is: Jailbird Chic/Prisoner Perfection!
”bad juju” by Jujubee & Shea Couleé begins playing
Ebony: Bitch I am literally a jail BIRD! I am serving up sexy ass Big Bird who got incarcerated for smacking Kermit upside the head and breaking his skull! Who knew Sesame Street would get so violent baby! Wait, Kermit is not on Sesame Street? Oh... well I was in a cult all my childhood, we only got to watch fucking Arthur dubbed in Russian!
Ebony Runway
Unieke: For this prisoner runway, I didn’t wanna go the typical prisoner route bc would I even be UNIEKE winks if I did!? For this look tonight, in honor of the newest marvel movie, I am serving you in the process of becoming the prisoner of a symbiote!!! This is by far my most conceptual look thus far and I am looking the judges in the eyes and noticing that they’re EATING IT UP!
Unieke Runway
Anthyy: It is time for the jail runway! Even though at the first look it may seem like „okay… basic gown… jail give us more?” But I thought about a whole BACKSTORY! Because who doesn’t love a backstory (unless its a one from Lisbon and her team). So you all think miss Anthyy is so nice and all that.. Well wrong… deep down in her heart she is a bad bitch! And bad bitches.. yeah they go to prison. Miss anthyy would be bored in prison next to these men which would most likely give her wpierdol. To stay entertained she decided to create a gown while styling her roommates pajamas in all color. She hand snitched them together and got this! TADAAAA. Micro didn’t always like my hair on this season. So I read that in prison there are no hairstylists! So if micro consider anthyy not to be a hair queen without her paid wigs her bang is weirdly cut because all she head is her hand. Literally no scissors in prison!. On her head she has some pills and a bottle of alcohol which just popped into her head which people in prison tricked her to drink (she didn’t like it) with chains everywhere she is ready to walk down this runway ( even thought it may be a bit hard since she has a huge ball next to her leg.
Anthyy Runway
Lisbon: I am giving you the sexiest pickpocket of the cell block. It’s campy, it’s hot and it’s so fucking heavy. There is gold on every inch of my body and it looks stunning! I even got vagazzled for this. Am I wanted for stealing, or looking so damn good!
Lisbon Runway
Jords: Mrs. Steal your stuff! Coming out! Jailbreaker incoming! I am breaking jail with time, get it? I know it doesn't look that stunning, but stunning, but it's smart and the story is the main focus! Time just flies by as of many times i've been in jail, that's why the clock is there. Could have been a wrecking ball, but where is the fun of the story?
Jords Runway
OG: I BROKE THE MOTHERFUCKING CHAINS! I had to make that joke lmao, I would’ve died of shame had I not! Anyways, this is me proving that I can still do fashion, it’s all natural woman, exactly who OG Goulett is, and plus the tangled orange fabric represents the tangled webs of our legal system. Wow, pretty good for 30 minutes! Anyways, eat me up, I’m here, and you’re not getting rid of me again!
OG Runway
Micro: Now presenting, the premiere episode of "Scared Sort of Straight"!
Ebony's Story
Confessional: “I am Ebony. You may know me for being in a cult. Little did you know… bitch I WAS the damn cult! PERIOD PAIN!”
A group of teenagers are in an overcrowded prison lunch room. The security guards open up a vaulted door to reveal Ebony, strutting out.
Ebony: “Well… looky loo! A bunch of ugly ass degenerates! Yes, I am Ebony, Mother of the Cult of Thee and I heard you scraggily bitches have been messing around at school!”
One of the teens tries to speak but Ebony throws her furry handcuffs at her. Ebony: “Shut the fuck up! Now… what have you been bitches been sent here for?”
Guard: “This is Annette, she was talking smack in Geology. She said her teacher was an ‘ignatius looking ass’. She meant ‘igneous’.”
Ebony walks up to her: “Oh… so you dumb little freak can’t even get the correct fucking terminology to cuss your own teacher with? HUH? HUH?”
Annette starts screaming and crying.
Xtina: “All of you! You wanna see what happens when you don’t listen to your teachers? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!” Ebony opens up her tied up blouse to reveal a bunch of fake bloody guts.
The teens start screaming.
Ebony: “ALL I FUCKING WANTED WAS A CULT THAT LOVED AND RESPECTED ME! But those bitches didn’t like the fact that I made them go on diets consisting solely of 3 Musketeers and overripened jackfruit! Noooo! Oh no, those bitches wanted QUALITY FOOD! Well look at me now! They fucking tried to kill me!”
Ebony starts tearing out her fake guts and chomps on them, spreading blood all over her face.
The teens scream and try to exit.
Ebony runs around the lunchroom, throwing pieces of her guts everywhere. One kidney hits Annette square in the face.
Unieke's Story:
My name is Milli and I was brought on this jail tour because ima bad bitch & my mama just clearly don’t understand that! Telling me I’m disobedient, too fast, act like I’m grown…well bitch that’s what happens when you have a mama out slammin her pussy on the floor like a bag of ice!!!
cuts to prison Milli sees inmates looking and staring at her
BOOOO!!! rolls her neck and does a stank face Damn, why tf y’all lookin at me like that!!
back to interview
Appaarrrently my mamas last straw was when I threw a party at the crib and then she caught me!! Talking about how she’s such a good parent, bitch you ain’t ever home!!! Obviously when a bitch home alone, a bitch throw a party. When a bitch throws a party, a bitch gets wasted. When a bitch gets wasted, a bitch sucks some dick, and when a bitch sucks some dick, she gets a train ran on her by 24 guys and a zebra! cuts back to prison
Prisoner: walks up to Milli all in her face YOU THINK THIS A GAME LITTLE GIRL!? HUH!?!
Milli: No but I do think yo breath smells like 40 pounds of bounce that ass!! Get outta my face!!!
Prisoner: Gets pulled away by guards Yeah you got jokes little girl!!! Don’t you end up in here!!!
Milli: getting pulled back & WHATCHU GON DO??? WHATCHU GON DOOOOOOOOOO?? cuts back to interview
Yeah I’m only 14 and been pregnant 4 times!!!! holds up 7 fingers I just wanted the money, not them chilren!! My mama calls that too fast for my age, bitch ain’t nobody tryna wait until your age where I’m about CROAK to have some babies!!!
There ain’t nun wrong wit me, she’s the problem!!!
Anthyy's Story:
Brenda Bel Argentina: Hello my name is Brenda - says very indistinctly because of braces - but please do not confuse me with Brenda Del Brazil my mummy said she’s a very bad girl.
Charity Stole Rue: Who will tell her that she is here
Brenda Del Brazil: You wanna fight bitch?
Brenda Bel Argentina: Please DONT DO ANYTHING TO ME I WEAR GLASSES! Lemme explain for a second why I got here in the first place…
Madrid: We all wish you didn’t.
Brenda Del Brazil: You can keep it. NOW when's is the grub time!
Brenda Bel Argentina: My friends at school for only catholic girls school
Madrid: That would explain how you look...
Brenda Bel Argentina: Can you stop interrupting me please. My mummy said its not nice
Charity Stole Rue: Well your mummy aint here
Mrs. Osten Tation: I can become you new mummy!
Everyone: WHA-
Brenda Bel Argentina: Anyway... they found the drag races where you have to submit looks and I did a nun look which is our uniform I was super shocked to find out THEY DID'NT LIKE IT! I knew I had to steal some good looks. I found a user called Micro and I snatched their looks. And now IM IN PRISON screams while almost crying. I dont want to stay in here! What will I tell my mum....
Mrs. Osten Tation: We already called her she's here.
Micro appears
Micro: I’m not here to punish you.. That will come later. I brought with myself some other stealers of my looks... Nik...Ivanna...
Madrid:: Oh she deserve that prison for other reasons too
Micro:: Now you my baby! Will stay in this prison forever in a cage with a band of dangereous panda's I called "Unieke's'' and Jords "Cupcakke" snatch game she's very dangerous too.
Lisbon's Story:
Fran: “BITCH!!! GIMME MY TITS BACK!” [camera cuts]
Fran CF: “Sup! I’m Francine Thomas aka Frannie the Tr- what? What do you mean I can’t say that? I CAN SAY IT WHENEVER I WANT CAUSE I AM TRANS! WATCH, TRA-“ [camera cuts again] Fran CF: “They put me in here cause I’m a “psychotic” but I just think they are transphobic. Sure, I tried to give myself a bottom surgery, but those thing aren’t cheap! So I improvised. I also tried top surgery too but apparently cutting off someone else’s boobs is “illegal”, she wasn’t gonna use them anyways.”
Fran: “Do you have an extra tampon?”
Female Inmate: “Don’t you have a penis?”
Female Inmate: “Jesus Christ, here.”
Fran: “Thank you!”
Fran CF: “What do I do with the tampons? That is none of your business. What I will say is that they are definitely used.”
[Footage plays of Fran walking into a stall with a male inmate.]
Fran CF: “Most of the guys here want to suck a duck but claim they ain’t gay, so when they are with me, they get the best of both worlds. At a price of course.” [She pulls out money from her bra and laughs
Officer: “Okay so you’ve had a notorious track record of pleasuring the male inmates.”
Fran: “Mhm…”
Officer: “You’ve stolen at least 50 tampon from fellow inmates.”
Fran: “Sounds correct…”
Officer: “And your psychiatrist has retired after your visits.”
Fran “Yes officer…”
Officer: “And you want to be put on parole?”
Fran: “That is correct.”
Officer: “Absolutely not.”
Fran: “I’ll let you suck my dick for parole.”
Officer: “Deal.”
Jords' Story:
"Hi. My Name's Afia. I am 16 years old, and i live with my parents. My modda is from Nigeria, and my fadda is from Ghana. Meaning, you disrespect them, expect your nyash disrespected.
Fadda: You better come!
Anyway, i'm trying to be the bisexual queen that i am. A material bi. However, my parents would slap me with not only a slipper, but with a fufu stick and curse me until that one comes out. They force me to go shopping with my straight sisters Obianuju, Temilade and Oluwatoniloba.
Oluwatoniloba: Take this, nau!
Afia: No! It looks girly!
Temilade: Wetin this not what you like? You will be causing trouble oh!
I have to act like one of them, but when i see fine girl, heyi! My eyes can deceive me. They roll and twist like juggernaut. Hope one day she dey notice me, but yeah, my parents would give me a double John Cena if i came out of the closet.
By far, the only thing i have gotten out of the closet for is after my parents slapped me when my grades came back.
Modda: AN F!? Are you high in school? Are you sick? Mumu.
In an african household, it no be easy, oh!"
OG's Story:
stock footage of a misunderstood kid walking the streets as the sunsets, scowl firmly on his face.
Hi, I’m Kyle Parker, I’m 12 years old and I’m a privileged youth with daddy issues so I steal stuff from the store sometimes, I’m part of a gang too, y’know it’s just like me and my friends but we’re hard like that, meet me on the playground, I’ll steal your lunch money…freak!
stock footage of a mom crying
I don’t know what happened to my baby boy, I got him the PS5 last week, he’s got a phone for Instabook and the Snappychat, and he still acts out! I just want my baby back, I don’t want him going down this road!
stock footage of the outside of a prison
Now listen, when you go inside here, you’re under our rules, you’re no better than this 47 year old man serving life for mass genocide, yes you, Kyle who thinks he’s a fucking tough guy for stealing occasionally, you’re no better than him
Kyle: I’-
The fuck you say little boy? We’re trying to save you!
Micro laughs hysterically
Micro: Oh shit I'm about to pop something shrieks
Ah fuck...wow. Alright let's get into critiques!
Ebony, you are a MESS! This was absolute insanity and fits the vibe of the show perfectly. And the look? !I want it! Another very strong week for you girl! You are killing these challenges.
Unieke, you had a bit of a tippy tumbles last week. This week, you came back with a vengeance. This is so good I don’t even know what to say. The runway is gorgeous and conceptual, and your challenge had me dying.
Anthyy. Your run on this season has been very impressive. Tonight however, it slipped down quite a bit. It wasn’t bad by any means. I can see the amount of effort. It just missed the mark for what the challenge was supposed to be. I wanted there to be a central character and storyline and I missed that. Another slam dunk on the runway though, this is perfection and I will be stealing it and making her skin black!
Lisbon, the queen of safe has broken her streak! This was a masterful job tonight. Easily one of my favorite performances of the competition. The runway? Fuck you. Like oh my god fuuuuckkk youuuu. Bitch work. This is why I brought you onto this season. If you compete at this level for the rest of the season, you'll be snatching the crown.
OG, welcome back girl! This was a strong return for you. You had all the little cheesy cues that you’d see on this type of show. I wish the story was a little more in depth but for the time you had, it’s a serve. On the runway, you absolutely stole the show for me. Your best look of the season
Micro: Alright! While tighten this corset back up, you may all head to untucked!
Lisbon: Finally good critiques!!
Unieke: You brought the house down! So so good.
Lisbon CF: I am trying my best to hold it in but all I want to do is scream and shout right now that I finally got great feedback from Micro! Winbon? Liswin? Both sound amazing to me!
Ebony: That challenge was so fun. Jords, I did not know you knew how to do comedy like that.
Jords: Oh the Cupcakke didn't give you the fantasy?
Ebony: I will never be able to forget that damn Cupcakke. I'm gonna dream about that mess fifty years after I'm dead.
Unieke: OG, Anthyy, how are you two?
OG: Based on the critiques, I think we'll be lipsyncing tonight. It sucks to be right back at the bottom but I will fight to stay and I am so grateful that I even got the chance to come back!
Anthyy: I'm not doing well with this. The writing is on the wall and going against OG right after she comes back? It makes me feel so gross.
OG: Don't worry about it! Give me your all and I'll do the same. Let's give them a show!
the queens return to the stage
Micro: Welcome back queens! Based on your performance tonight and looks on the runway, I've made some decisions.
u/TycenesUniverse! This week, you made your modda and fadda proud. You are safe!
u/thereal_OG101, very glad to have you back. You're safe.
u/TheeEbonyEnchantress, you are safe. Keep killing it!
u/a_nthyy! On the runway, we were arrested by your beauty. But in the challenge, you weren't bailed out. You are safe.
Unieke and Lisbon look at each other in shock
Lisbon CF: Really? The bottom?!
Micro: u/Lisbon_After_Dark, u/LondynBridget...
This week, you weren't able to snatch the win...yet. Congratulations you are the top two of the week!
Lisbon and Unieke scream and hug on stage while jumping up and down
Micro: That's right! Charged on one count of Fleur and Sharris not showing up, nobody else is going home this week! But there will still be a lipsync! You ready to lipsync for the win?
Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lipsync performance of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal".
Good luck, and fuck it the fuck up!!
cello opening
Unieke reaches for an invisible bow and dramatically delivers a maestro fantasy. Lisbon lunges down and creeps across the stage
"As he came into the window Was the sound of a crescendo He came into her apartment He left the bloodstains on the carpet She ran underneath the table He could see she was unable So she ran into the bedroom She was struck down, it was her doom"
Lisbon side steps while snapping her body to every beat. Unieke slowly walks across the stage, extending her leg into deliberate steps. Both queens have a look of relaxed panic in their faces that perfectly matches the song.
"Annie, are you okay? So, Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie? Annie, are you okay? So, Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie? Annie, are you okay? So, Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie? Annie, are you okay? So, Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?"
Lisbon lowers her body into a 45 degree angle tilt. Unieke pulls a phone out of her bra and starts speaking "Annie! Girl I told your ass to meet me outside of the Cinnabon on Santa Monica! You got killed?! Well girl hurry up and undo that!"
"Annie, are you okay? Will you tell us that you're okay? There's a sound at the window Then he struck you, a crescendo Annie He came into your apartment He left the bloodstains on the carpet And then you ran into the bedroom You were struck down It was your doom"
Unieke moonwalks to the other side of the stage, Lisbon repeatedly stands up on her toes and ends with the signature Michael crotch grab.
Micro: Now that is how you do an MJ performance! Stellar from both of you, truly. I have however made my decision. Lisbon, you're a winner baby! Congratulations queen, you earned it.
If you could, can all the queens come up to the front of the stage?
Micro walks up to the stage and meets all the other queens
Micro: My super six! After what happened earlier today, I am so appreciative for all of you showing your drive and determination to stay in this competition. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Now let the music play bitches!
”Banjo” by BeBe Zahara Benet plays
Next time on Micro's Drag Race
Micro: "Oh em gee! You are like sooo totally that kind of girl." Was that good?!
This week, you must create your own influencer persona. Sell me laxative tea goddamnit!
Jords CF: Doctor? Yeah, she's out again!
Ebony CF: These queens are NOT ready. The old Ebony is dead. Why? Because I have a clone and she killed me last night in the hotel. I'm Ebony #3 and I am from my house...across the street, my house is invisible. Only I can see it. Mwah ha ha ha
Track Record
Cast Shot w/ Placements
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2022.01.26 16:28 Automatic-Football71 half way through day 2

Im almost relapsed 30 min ago but pulled through
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2022.01.26 16:28 LowPiece9312 Anyone here avoid using the urinals? And why?

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2022.01.26 16:28 pakore Ranked in lower elo is unplayable due to smurfing

I just tried ranked games after 2 years without playing rankeds. My usual ELO is silver, and I am happy to play with people of my level.
I just tried to play ranked in Bronze II (where I got placed) and it is FULL of smurfs. Complete teams just smurfing. Level 10 accounts with 7 cs per minute. Level < 60 accounts with micro and macro that is gold+. Even they don't deny it.
There are also smurfs on my team, but usually only 1 or 2, so it's impossible even to enjooy the game.
I just wanted to play with people of my level. It's not fun to being beaten up by a much skilled player.
And when there aren't smurfs, you get the occasional yuumi bot :)
Didn't Riot have a smurf queue?
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2022.01.26 16:28 RedXylophone HEY TURN YOUR HEADPHONES DOWN

ringing in your ears is BAD
it makes you SAD
so turn them down please
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2022.01.26 16:28 carmexismyshit Applebee's is actually good

I don't understand why Applebee's gets shit on so much. Their food is good, they have great happy hour deals, cheap drinks at a certain time, and it's a great pace to go if you have a bunch of people. There's a decent variety of food choices, great appetizers, and it's reasonably priced.
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2022.01.26 16:28 coolnow_ Quick (potentially annoying) qustion I have about the part names of a submarine.

Hey all,
I'll keep it short; what are the flaps on both edges and the big bulge on top of submarines called? I'm writing a small thesis about them and I could't find the answer online. Figured out this would be the right place to ask it. i hope at least.
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2022.01.26 16:28 NewsElfForEnterprise Iowa housing market expected to stabilize in 2022 after chaotic 2021

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2022.01.26 16:28 sysifuscorp [Homemade] Meat pasta with basil / garlic

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2022.01.26 16:28 Daniel_Laixer What is Kirchensteuer? (Germany's church tax)

I recently heard about this concept on a video. I'm either too dense or the Wikipedia article doesn't make things too clear. Why does it exist? (besides the obvious tax excuse). Are you forced to pay the tax just for declaring your religion? Are all religions affected by this tax? Also, apparently you can simply lie to the government to opt-out of this tax, is that simple?
I don't necessarily need an answer for every question, I'd rather have a condensed simple explanation. Something like ELI5 if they hadn't removed my post...
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2022.01.26 16:28 NewsCryptocurrency 6 BEST ALTCOINS LEADING THE CRYPTO GAMING RECOVERY! | Crypto News | Oakland News Now

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2022.01.26 16:28 thisbarbie twins

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2022.01.26 16:28 Time_Mage_Prime Bullish Flag is Bullish

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2022.01.26 16:28 very_excited Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire, giving Biden a chance to nominate a replacement

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2022.01.26 16:28 IntelligentButton623 Level 6128 glitch?

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2022.01.26 16:28 thelastsandwich A two part story. Permanently banned from anti work after more than a year for just stating the facts that an interview was poorly executed.

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2022.01.26 16:28 itsa-me-marioo Remember folks, ALWAYS double check your listing photos

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2022.01.26 16:28 steelcube Bloated Midas Blenny

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