Fellow grownups, hear me out. Discord is not just for kids and not just for gaming. It's for people like us and it's improved my social life exponentially.

Final nail in the coffin was the topics. Just randomly filling your timeline with random tweets because I assume some AI thought I might like that but it's worse than the Youtube recommendations. Just because I like ONE Tweet the AI started promoting everything related to that content or the account made it. It's just a mess. Daughtry Cage To Rattle Download Torrent Pirate Bay 2017; Download Daughtry Torrent at TorrentFunk. We have 145 Daughtry Music torrents for you!

2022.01.26 18:32 addocd Fellow grownups, hear me out. Discord is not just for kids and not just for gaming. It's for people like us and it's improved my social life exponentially.

It's well known that connections made through environments like this don't have a high success rate. Trying to find and make a connection can be awkward and tedious and even frustrating at times.
I chose this sub because I think our age group is likely to be leery or completely unaware of some modern social outlets I'm not suggesting a replacement of this forum, but also taking a look at discord. I know, I know. That's for the kids to play all their crazy games and be so loud and rambunctious. No thank you very much. But hear me out.
I got curious, did a little poking around and learned that 'this discord thing' goes far beyond kids playing games. There are small and large communities of highly social adults. Not the facebook adults who mostly want to argue, but just regular adults. Like many of us, they just enjoy people, but don't have many (often any) around. To me, it is essentially a virtual version of your favorite corner watering hole. In so many ways. I could analogize the hell out of this one.
Like any social platform (I wouldn't even call it social media), there is some trash to sift through, but it's the same stuff as anywhere. But there are also the same block, delete, and hide functions. I will admit that there was a learning curve. I do ok, but I may not be as quick as the kids. It also has a lot of functionality, so sifting through it all can be somewhat overwhelming. But it's manageable & pretty customizable. The curve wasn't steep.
But I am having a great time. Once I got past my own awkwardness, (I discovered a solution to this.) it was so easy to engage and much more comfortable to participate in a group and see who you vibe with and who interests you before you jump into a one on one conversation. The groups are welcoming and generally excited to meet someone new. By the first weekend, I was comfortable enough to jump into a group voice call and play competitive Tetris. I became my teenagers, yelling at my game and cursing my new 'friends' for using their bomb on me. I would have never thought that would be in my comfort zone. Later, I commented on a movie I like and ended up watching it with a handful of other people. Audible laughing and light commentary.... It was just nice. So I watched a movie with people again the next day.
I have to admit that I am significantly less lonely than just a few weeks ago. I enjoy my little group of regulars and I think they enjoy me. I've made a handful of 'close' friends that hang out in my DMs. There were no cold call messages, no awkward small talk or trying to decipher messages to see what you're working with. They are people I already had a connection or something in common with from already "hanging out" with them in a not-so-awkward environment. I regularly talk to and check in with several people every day who do the same with me. People notice when I've not been around and ask if my dog is feeling better. They feel as close to real, actual people as I can get these days.
Again, I'm not encouraging a replacement for the sub here, it does produce a gem from time to time. But, if you're like me and just struggling for some social interaction, know that there are millions of others and a place that makes it pretty natural to connect with them. It has just been so impactful to me, I had to share with others in this often clueless demographic.
Whatever you're looking for and wherever you find it, I hope you stumble across something that works as well for you. If you decide to give it a go and need some help navigating, I have learned quite a few tips and even some strategies that I'm happy to share.
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2022.01.26 18:32 SustainEuphoria I have a 53 gal tank this is my list of stock I would like to get. How does my list sound, should I make some changes?

I have a 53 gal tank this is my list of stock I would like to get. How does my list sound, should I make some changes? submitted by SustainEuphoria to Cichlid [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 18:31 EhWhateverOk My job is easy and pays well.

Yeah that’s it. With all the attention of the opposite sub recently I thought I’d just say I spend about 5 hours at work for 5 days a week. I work in the parcel service and each day I just put some information to my computer, tell those who work under me how heavy today is expected to be, I go out on the floor and physically help anyone who needs it, end of the day I put more information to the computer and send a couple emails and I’m good to go home. I have great benefits and I’m actually about to take a paid week off just because i can - and I’ve still got two more weeks I can use before the end of may. I love my job and I feel like I actually do something valuable for my community by helping organize everyone’s mail/packages.
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2022.01.26 18:31 BoardGamesNews Sauria Dinosaur Park Survival Board Game Up On Kickstarter -[Tabletop Gaming News]- (N)

Sauria Dinosaur Park Survival Board Game Up On Kickstarter -[Tabletop Gaming News]- (N) submitted by BoardGamesNews to BoardGamesNews [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 18:31 No_Assistant_4103 Positive u/infantrymatt

Hooked me up with some cards to help complete a set. Thanks man!
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2022.01.26 18:31 idestroy72 Tickets

Hi anyone know where to get tickets from?
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2022.01.26 18:31 euos Why do black people feel like foreigners in US?

I work in big tech in Silicon Valley. I am surrounded with people from all over the world, except for black people who grew up in US.
People around me speak with horrible accents (I do too), smell funny, share weird treats. But to me it feels like we are all of the same nation - we discuss TV shows, dunk on cafeteria food, share memes about the office life.
Why is it that whenever a black person comes in, they will stay apart and oftentimes leave within weeks? My company does all those diversity initiatives, dedicated hiring events, "privilege reflection sessions".
On the streets I notice a lot of asian/white couples (all young people who came here after the college seem to end up in mixed relationships), pretty rarely I see indian/white couples (I think mostly because people from India marry early and bring a partner here - or are pressured by family to find a partner in India). But black seem to stay away in Oakland and such.
My girlfriend brought her son from China when he was 12 or so. He went to high school barely speaking English, she was a single mom (she came here through a marriage that fell apart within 1 year). No job, no language. They rented a room in a house with roommates. Still, he graduated from the high school, went to the university two states away and just yesterday got an internship offer from a top tech company. Currently he is one of those I consider "American kids" - speaks fluent English, knows local culture, has no discomfort navigating US life.
Why do black kids choose to stay separate? I know the universal answer is "racism" - but I see so many things provided to them for free that require a lot of effort from immigrants (any US high school is so much better for getting into US college that a school from a developing country, non-immigrant kids have families here, their parents have networks, etc).
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2022.01.26 18:31 kcs777 Co-Op Campaign Titles that can work between Xbox One X and Switch OLED? Open to Xbox splitscreen as well.

Can anyone recommend any titles that are functional between these platforms? If you have commentary on the type and star rating that's appreciated as well!
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2022.01.26 18:31 11281 What's the first decade you remember?

View Poll
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2022.01.26 18:31 TarotCardSummoner Continue Jerry’s Journey

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2022.01.26 18:31 Luvod [Event] Hugh Templeton's Knightly Tournament

More an impromptu event rather than anything grandiose, word nonetheless spread through the Eyrie that the master-at-arms Hugh Templeton is holding a small tournament for knights only, to be held in the Eyrie in 10A. Participation in all events required, identity must be known(no mystery knights!).
Events: blunted melee, archery, 1v1 blunted duel bracket, wrestling
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2022.01.26 18:31 Miserable_Cup_6382 Add i2p connectivity

Hi, I'd like to make my node available on i2p network as well. Installed i2pd, added 2 lines in the bitcoin .conf file, and it seems to be working... But I can't seem to connect to any i2p node. Something wrong in my conf? Something else?
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2022.01.26 18:31 someguy31 Territory Type Priority - Does it Matter?

I am looking to set up our org with some new information in enterprise territory management and I am going to be implementing different territory types for the first time. I am trying to understand what territory type priority does and I cannot find any documentation explains what it really does, how it is used effectively, or how it matters. Does anyone have any examples of how they are using the priorities or links to any actually helpful documentation? Thanks!
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2022.01.26 18:31 YouAreMyCutiePie I'm tryna find out if this is fordyce spots or anything worse

Hello everyone 22M here, today morning I noticed those spots in my upper lips after waking up, are they worth worrying? I've try everything to make it go away including showering, apply vaseline. I don't know how to get rid of them, they are mostly cosmetic since they not hurting and I can't really pop them, should I worry and go check it out with a dermatologist? does anyone know what is this?
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2022.01.26 18:31 MantlesApproach Do you have to lift to be successful at dating?

In terms of build, I (M27) and 5'7" and 130 lb, so I'd say somewhere between skinny and average, and I have basically nothing in the way of muscle definition and while I consider myself fairly healthy I certainly wouldn't describe myself as "fit" in terms of physique. A piece of dating advice I've seen directed at men countless times and have gotten a few times myself from guy friends is to lift weights. The thing is, I fucking hate lifting. A lot of people tell me that I'd start to enjoy it after doing it enough, but I lifted 3-4 times a week for 3 months and hated every second of it. I just find it painful and boring and would rather do almost anything else with my time. And it's not like I don't exercise. I did BJJ before the pandemic (that stopped for obvious reasons) and run on a treadmill at home whenever I'm watching TV (which is pretty often), but neither does much in the way of muscle definition or building an athletic-looking body.
On the one hand, I'm constantly hearing about how women are not as superficial as men often believe. But on the other hand, I'm also constantly hearing from men about how guys should lift to be more appealing to women, and from women that while they often don't prefer a bodybuilder-esque physique with huge muscles, the consensus seems to be a preference for a toned body that apparently women don't understand still takes a ton of work. For me personally, it feels kind of unfair because I could barely care less if a person I'm dating looks great in a bikini. I'm much more keen on having common values and interests. None of the (few) women I've dated in the past or have been interested looked like they worked out regularly and yet I feel held to a standard that I don't have for others. It's starting to make me a little jaded. Thoughts?
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2022.01.26 18:31 apairofparrots [AMA Request] /u/AbolishWork

From "national movement" to national joke, we'd love for AbolishWork to take some of our questions related to laziness being a virtue, the power of critical thought, preparing for media engagements, and abusing moderator privileges.
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2022.01.26 18:31 lgats $6815 Uniden America Corporation 40 CH AM/FM CB SILVER UT435 (AMWUT435)

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2022.01.26 18:31 OMGgamer_ Discord is down for me so I can’t talk to my friends so you people dm me

Dm me I’m bored and I have nobody to talk to
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2022.01.26 18:31 CorrinaGordon One of my favorites❤🤘❤ Thought you guys would dig🤘 this piece is also uv, I love twisting these up! Made this for my sister❤

One of my favorites❤🤘❤ Thought you guys would dig🤘 this piece is also uv, I love twisting these up! Made this for my sister❤ submitted by CorrinaGordon to glassheads [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 18:31 Ok-Pomegranate-4414 What happened to my keyframes? Is it glitched?

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2022.01.26 18:31 Annual-Poetry-2500 so im gonna post a pic of a stick and see what happens

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2022.01.26 18:31 jshmddx Grom VLine vs BeatSonic LGVIF-CB4 (CarPlay/AndroidAuto) Interfaces

I've been wanting to add CarPlay to my GX and have been debating between Grom's & BeatSonic's options. I know that the VLine has some issues when it launched and issues have slowly been getting fixed. The BeatSonic I believe is for the most part brand new. I wanted to see from people who have installed them, what are the benefits, cons, bugs & issues that people are having with them. And hopefully, choose one to install.

Grom VLine
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2022.01.26 18:31 PurpleShay21 [F24]Hey, fellow redditors!!!! It's just gonna be another boring Wednesday for me, but I would love to have some company! [Voicechat][Chat]🍦🍨❄️☃️

Let's stay up all night talking about the terrible or Werid ass life choices we made so far in life. Or let's talk about our hopes and dreams we hope to accomplish. I'm pretty open to texting, but I love to voice chat instead.
I should share a little about myself..... I'm pretty dull, motherfucka if I do say so myself. Never take me seriously, which is a good and bad thing depending on who you ask. I like to tell jokes, but full warning, they can get very dark or just horribly corny sometimes. I've been told I have a good personality, but honestly, I'm an asshole, lol.
I have recently got into exercising at the gym, in-home yoga, attempting to cook healthier food, but I’m pretty shitty at it(so help me please!), biking and hiking. Also, I’m getting tired of my current job, so I’m going back to school soon to be science reached
Please be over 18 years ago old
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2022.01.26 18:31 Critical_Ad_718 My daughter has been sleeping on my breast for a hour

My 4 week old daughter is currently been sleeping on my breast for an hour and I don’t know if I should let her sleep or if I should take her off or switch breasts or wake her up? My friends been coming over and having them to stare at me which I don’t mind but I can see them being crazy since they are females. What should I do? I heard to let her sleep on my breast as long as possible by my mid wife and no you should take her off as soon as possible by my friends who don’t have kids. What should I do
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2022.01.26 18:31 Suspicious_Gator Bonding Tips?

Hey y’all, I just got a young Russian tortoise (<1yr) and I wanted to know if anyone has advice about how to acclimate it to humans. I know Russians often like to be left alone, but it’s still young and I need to handle it for daily soaks, so any advice on getting it to be more friendly around me would be great. TYIA!
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