e23t7 344by kdta3 7r77h b8d8z kbz59 z92is t9hhb 6zen2 7hb5d k6br5 256iz 57yre b9ekf fe5nt si4yd 7799i 42by8 2n6h6 9i5ez an565 Skbmm issue |

Skbmm issue

2022.01.26 18:01 benjamincraigrowley Skbmm issue

So epic when is skill based match matching leaving for good cause Honeslty it’s so frustrating at how I always reach the top 2 with 6 kills and end up dying to a player that has 15 doing all sorts of edits pre firing like what’s the point of skbmm it’s happend for the past 7 games get it out of the game u kept the snow cause we asked now the skbmm
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2022.01.26 18:01 Walaina Transfer offer to different hotel

Has anybody had any luck calling in and speaking to a representative to get an offer moved from one location (Las Vegas) to another (Biloxi)? My husband has comped rooms in Vegas, but we don’t want to fly out and could easily drive to Biloxi
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2022.01.26 18:01 MarlinSly GOLD GHETTO ROCKS [SMP] [Vanilla] {no map resets} {java 1.18.1}

Gold Ghetto is a survival world with a true vanilla experience and no map resets ever. The community isn't huge because we're quite picky about our membership - only true survival players who enjoy the grind of playing the game the way it's meant to be played. The server is usually kept on whitelist but every once in a while we open it up to the public to meet new people if we can find them. This is one of those times.
If you're looking for an exciting world to explore and a safe place to build your biggest ideas ever, or if you just want to live as a quiet wart and goat farmer, you can do that too. You don't have to be some grand wizard of Minecraft to play in our world but the server is set to hard mode so it helps. It's a vanilla server with no plugins so no /tp or land claim or anything like that so it can be a bit intimidating at first but stick around for a while and you'll find it's a decent community with many interesting people from around the world who love this game as much as you do.
We try not to have many rules but good people seem to be hard to find so:
griefers and hackers get banned quickly
no X-ray or dupes please / respect the grind
lgbtq+ friendly
420 friendly
all ages, time-zones and languages welcome
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2022.01.26 18:01 ashnair888 The New Wordle Word

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2022.01.26 18:01 sotuthrowaway SERIOUS: How can there be a form of metastatic breast cancer called "HER2+?" Couldn't they have named it REH2? Or EHR? HRE? Why wouldn't somebody on the research team say, "Um, just a second. You wanna call it what?"

I promise you I am not being a smart a$$. I see commercials for drugs to treat it and I always wonder how in the heck it happened. It just seems outrageous. Like how did that get past the PR team?
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2022.01.26 18:01 TobiasRyder How do custom fan project's get/avoid DMCA's?

There is a game from 2007 I was interested in making maps for pavlov VR. The game from 2007 is dead and has no player base anymore because the current company fucked it up.
There was a fanbase that was working on remaking the game with their assets and such but got DMCA'd and I can understand why. They also went on youtube and copystriked down all of their videos that were teasing the project.
I was curious. If I make my own assets and such and just recreated the maps would I be fine? I've seen some fans remake older fps maps into games like Call of Duty without any issues or problems. So I was wondering if I would still get DMCA'd?
I know that some companies like nintendo will freak out if you even fan make your own fangame, and there have been dozens of metal gear remakes that have gotten DMCA'd by konami so im curious as to how it works so I can avoid legal trouble.
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2022.01.26 18:01 InternationalSound94 So, is CIG gonna fix this?

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2022.01.26 18:01 AsleepHistorian I can't get meetings and so I can't get proposals in

I'm new to sales, 3 months in. I work in security services (guarding not alarms). The sales take longer and it's not as easy to sell because it can be expensive (I have the low end contracts under me and those can still be 250k). I make my calls, connect rate is not high (some weeks it's like 5% other weeks it's probably 50%). I have no problem talking to people and asking questions, but I can't score meetings. 1.5 months of actually hitting the phones and I've scored 1 meeting. December was a bust since the time of year, but since I still can't. I have had a couple leads commit and then backout of the meeting. But still, idk how to get a meeting.
I'm qualifying leads easy. I'm supposed to qualify 5 new ones a month and I'm getting that a week. But still, 0 meetings.
Any tips?
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2022.01.26 18:01 RagingBull410 High prestige teams

Does anyone know of teams with the highest possible max prestige? The highest i have seen is unc and rutgers with 95. Im wondering if any can reach 100 or if there are any others with 95
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2022.01.26 18:01 AudioPluginGuy Get 50% off Subdivine from Diginoiz Software at ADSR. Expiry: February 6th

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2022.01.26 18:01 baibai_1011 [LF] Oriental Decor/DIYS [FT] Bells!

I’ve got a lot of decorating to do before my island theme becomes a reality. If you have any oriental items (outdoor or indoor) or recipes, please DM me so we can work out a price! Thanks!
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2022.01.26 18:01 CaribbeanCalypso The red-tailed hawks at my local park are not camera shy. This one landed on the tree next to me

The red-tailed hawks at my local park are not camera shy. This one landed on the tree next to me submitted by CaribbeanCalypso to birding [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 18:01 fandj1 He wasn’t lying 🤥

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2022.01.26 18:01 MxneyMakinOsamaa !!

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2022.01.26 18:01 lauraipsumm My perfect breakfast 😭

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2022.01.26 18:01 00WORDYMAN1983 What should i change in my hive?

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2022.01.26 18:01 BrandenEv Started at new job 4 days into bi-weekly pay period. No check on the first pay day?

The pay period where I work started on the 1/6/22 and ended on 1/19, with the payday landing on 1/26 and paid via direct deposit. I began working on 1/10. Was I wrong in assuming I would be paid for the time worked during that pay period? I've spoken with coworkers, who have confirmed the payday on 1/26 was for the pay period mentioned above.

Am I missing something or just an idiot?
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2022.01.26 18:01 kaqarotchain I Have been catfishing my LDR partner with photos of another person because I am transgender

I just found out that I am a trans man. Before the relationship I did not identify as that, I was using a guy's photos and thought maybe I was closeted bi or lesbian.
I need help to come out to them and tell the truth. Everyday is a struggle and stressful because im not being myself and being honest with them. I don't want to waste their time anymore...
And i started doing this because we met on a game where you can create your character and it had a social media part too. At first i thought it'd just be like nothing serious type of dating just through the game. But then i decided to give them my social media, after more months of talking I found myself falling in love, they've become part of my daily routine, i send them money, we do thinga outside of the game together...except a couple of things, we dont face time or talk on the phone because the person im using isnt me and also Im not a cis man, im a closeted transgender who just figured out that I am trans during the relationship.
I want to come out with the truth i truly feel disgusted and dissapointed in myself. They dont deserve this and i deserve to be the real me.
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2022.01.26 18:01 OceanSause Upgraded my CPU and mordhau literally runs in slow motion?

Its not an fps issue, my fps are still at a stable 60fps but the game runs in literal slow motion now its weird, and this is only an issue with mordhau. Could I have changed something? I changed and bumped like 3 settings to ultra like post processing to ultra but thats about it. Any help?
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2022.01.26 18:01 Kong_play Yeah

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2022.01.26 18:01 Ok_Win_3538 Should Weiss have met Adam?

Should Weiss have met Adam? For me the short and simple answer is yes. Imagine how much more powerful it would have been seeing Adam hunt down Weiss only for Blake to come through and save her from someone she knows would kill Weiss given the chance to do so. Now of course for this meeting to make ANY semblance of sense a lot of things would have to be changed around for their meeting to make sense in the context of the story but overall I feel that Adam should have been a SCHNEE HATER, NOT A HUMAN HATER.
He should have had an axe to grind with the Schnee and the SDC but have an indifference towards humans in general given his experience. Cause one reason I could legit see Adam hating Blake is her choice to ally herself with Weiss Schnee; who belongs to the same family and company that branded him in the face and ruined his life. So then Adam despising Blake over that choice and wanting to kill Weiss under the assumption she is just like her father would make a lot of sense to me and the audience as a whole I feel, ESPECIALLY if Weiss defeated Banesaw and it lead to him dying on that train.
Like just imagine Adam fighting Weiss, she knocks his mask off with a well placed hit only for Adam to knock her to the ground and loom over her with that scar looking directly at her. What do you think Weiss' reaction would be? I think it would be one of genuine horror, shock but above all else; shame. Sure SHE didn't do this to him, but her FAMILY and the company her family represented did. This would be the extent of how far her grandfathers legacy has fallen and it would break Weiss' fragile little heart into pieces if you ask me.

Art by DashingIcecream

\"Take a good look at what your family is capable of and know that when I reach Atlas; your father will PAY for what he's done and NOTHING is going to stop me\"
Now on the flipside of that, how do you think the interaction would go if it was Adam meeting Winter? Because I would like to assume Adam and Winter are roughly around the same age clocking in at around 22-23 years old. Maybe Adam is a bit younger but they never really clarify any of that though I do imagine this would effect Winter because while she distanced herself from the Schnee family name, the fact of the matter is she is still a Schnee and she's apart of the largest military in the world that oversees justice in Atlas/Mantle but SOMEHOW a faunus was branded in the face and the SDC faced ZERO backlash for it at all.
I imagine Winter initially would be cold and uncaring towards Adam if she met him and didn't see the scar. But the moment she would see the scar on his face and knowing he's a faunus? I legit think Winter would hesitate for a moment and try to talk to Adam and find out exactly what happened and at that point we get a first hand account from Adam what happened, how and why. My IDEAL i situation would be for Adam to have lost the fight in Argus, get captured by the heroes and then brought to Atlas to be used as a bargaining chip since Adam was a most wanted criminal.
Then have Team RWBY, James, Qrow & Winter interrogate him only for him to later break out with the assistance of either Watts or Cinder. In the end HE should have been the one to kill Jacques, not James.
View Poll
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2022.01.26 18:01 Due_Jelly_7255 Please help me interpreted my dream or any other advice you can give, I am very bothered by this (I don't know why it bothers me).

Thank you in advance for reading.
At first, this dream was vage, short, and a little strange, but it has grown into something I don't understand what is happening.
Stage 1.
Repeated dreams of a subdivision. I am trying to buy a house there, but constantly told that the subdivision doesn't exist. I see it on a map, and in person, but told strongly by someone it doesn't exist.
Stage 2
Repeated times: After stage one for a while. It is revealed that it does exist, but nobody knows it's there. The subdivision is being bought buy one guy, doing some sort of scam. So, all the houses in the subdivision are empty.
This time I can walk around the subdivision and see it all from the outside.
After a while stage 3
Stage 3:
Repeated dreams: I don't know who, but I am asked if I can start selling the houses in the subdivision. They want celebrities there or really rich people. I am not a real estate agent. However, they tell me that one house already has a celebrity and it's Robert De Niro.
* I know strange
* I think it's important I tell you how I feel about De Niro, and that can help you help me. I use to think he was really like his mafia characters he would play or at least a real tough guy. Now, I am often disappointed because he seems to be weak, crying and complaining, but just disappointed because he doesn't strike me as strong
Stage 4.
Once time, but the feeling left a long lasting effect on me. Told again, this place doesn't exist, but I was standing outside of the sub division, looking at it. However, this time there is a African American/Black Woman, telling me not to go in there.
* I think its important to tell you about how I feel about African American Women. I love them. I have been in a few situations that were too hard to help me, inconvenient to help me, against policy to help me, and people wouldn't help. However, in EVERY SINGLE OCCASION, a black woman came up and solved my problem without fear, hesitation, or worried about the backlash. I always tell people that African American Women are amazing. So, I trusted her, and told her I would stay away from all of this.
I am into my faith and the woman had almost a religious power to her too.

What I think the dream means and how they went away (until last night).
I have been struggling for almost 10 years that I have no more friends nor can I find a woman to marry and start a family with. I have been diagnosed with major depression, anxiety, and just a ball of anger and despair.
I interpreted the dream to mean and yet as I think about typing this out doesn't make much sense, but I will say it anyway. Each of these houses, is a possibility of where my family could live. If I marry girl A, there is a house, a story, a life, a location, totally different than I married girl B. So, I am seeing the possibilities. However, I have been told the place doesn't exist, leading me to believe that there is no future family for me. Even the woman told me not to go there. At the same time, there was one house occupied by the celebrity. So, I took it that those houses represent a chance for me to have a family.
That gave me hope and some comfort and I never had the dream again.
Dream came back
I have this neighbor, guy from work, who has become a "friend". We are not friends. I believe he uses me for a ride to work and the occasional free meal at McDonalds. However, I don't care, at least I have someone I can talk to. The reason I started talking to this dude, is because he is ugly. People treated this dude like crap. He hated himself. His mom and siblings are trash and just a piece of work. This dude got married out of the blue.
Let me tell some feelings I hade to help you help me: Now, I promise, it is not jealously, but this hit me hard as hell. He is deformed and got married. I swear it is not about sex. I use to have a great family before my mom messed things up. Now, I have a deep desire to have a family like I once did. I see the value in having children. Taking trips, teaching a child, having experiences etc. If this guy is going to do it, why can I? I promise, I am a good person.
The dream came back tonight: So, I haven't been sleeping and not had the dream in a while. Now, last night, I go to sleep, and I am at the entry way of the sub division. At first, I am told this place doesn't exist. "It's a scam" there is some mafia type guy trying to get rich. However, I am looking at the subdivision. I believe it to exist. Now, I am standing in front of some mafia guy and he is basically telling me I have to start selling these houses.
*The mafia guy is the villian from the Netflix movie Ozarks (season 3). I know, I know my mind loves celebrities I guess lol.

I woke up a little startled, not really from the guy, but that I was going to start having this dream again.
There are more details about this dream, but it is just way to hard to explain.

What do you think?
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2022.01.26 18:01 zoot54 Where is the best place to mount a go pro on your helmet?

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2022.01.26 18:01 JUJUMAN69420 3 weeks in. Started with twists anything I should know?

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2022.01.26 18:01 Doberman5000 I don't particular like this fella

Rubs me wrong. His positive attitide shtick and he looks like he tends to fuck other guys wifes. Even good friends of his. The wifes all say he "so sweet" and their husband just isnt "there for them". Like Rob is. The old shoulder to cry on becomes a dick to ride on routine. Probably works every time for Rob 😉.
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