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Aeron Advice

2022.01.26 18:20 Internal_Today_7892 Aeron Advice

I (6’3”, 195 lbs) have been using my aeron size C for about 2 weeks. I mostly love it; I love the mesh and the back support/adjustability. The one thing I’m struggling with is the “cradle” seat— my legs/feet naturally turn outward, so it feels restricting on my hips. In addition, I often sit with my feet tucked under the chair (like a stool) and the size C is a little too big for that. My questions are:

  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative that has a flatter seat so I can spread my legs more? While ideally keeping the mesh and back support?
  2. Should I try to cut my habit of sitting “stool style” (ie with my feet tucked under the chair, knees at acute angles like I’m sitting on a stool))?
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2022.01.26 18:20 BlackRussianTV Far from fulfilling the dream of anonymous digital cash, cryptocurre...

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2022.01.26 18:20 blackfesters Beefy not compounding all the rewards?

Beefy not compounding all the rewards? Hey everybody.
I have a question, I deposited some eth & Dai into a polygon quickswap LPThe projected apy was around 37% so I should receive around 0.09% daily. Great!
But after a few days i started to notice that my LP position was not increasing as fast as it should, so I started to log the differences.
After +-24 houres I noticed, that i received only the vault apy and not the combined apy.I'm aware that the APY fluctuates and that the yields differ from day to day.
I withdrew my tokens and redeposited them, hoping i would receive the trading APY when I withdrew the tokens but that did not happen.
Beefy predicted that i would recieve 26usd in yield, but i received only 3usd
Can anybody share some insight in this?
Thanks already
start LP position

LP position after 24 houres

APY remained almost constant for 24 houres

Tin Network shows my effectively yielded rewards, which coincides with the vault apy. It is however a huge difference with the beefy predicted yield.
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2022.01.26 18:20 loshrath182 W-2’s for former employees

Will they mail it to me or does still let you log in if you’re a former employee? and I could just grab it off that.
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2022.01.26 18:20 Gunter_Kinomoto POKE TEAM!

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2022.01.26 18:20 Ikgastackspakken Ik help de nieuwe vriend van mama altijd met de afwas want hij heeft geen vaatwasser

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2022.01.26 18:20 Sis_can_u_myob I [36M] messed up by changing plans my [37F] GF made resulting in consequences and a possible break up. Any way to recover?

I posted about it in dating_advice but essentially, we discussed plans last week for the weekend of Jan 22-23 , unfortunately the cold /snowy weather and my work schedule / fatigue forced a change, resulting in plans she proposed to be thrown out the window and disappointment. I asked the other sub for advice whether to take her to my storage unit, I needed to pick up winter clothes for activities we planned , so I took her along and I was embarrassed by the mess she found, not to mention the waste of money for storing garbage all those months. She graciously helped tidy up, we sorted 4 bags of garbage, but while the weekend was good overall, in trying to find a place to dump the bags, I made a wrong turn and was pulled over by the police and fined. She laughed about it at the time, but in speaking with her last night, I could tell she wasn't looking forward to the next weekend the way I was.
She was giving evasive responses to my questions if she still wanted to go out, what she wanted to do, and she responded with "we'll see" , "depends on work" (she might work overtime over going out with me) , she might go out with someone, I asked who and she didn't reply. Then she asked why do I like her and why do I want to go with her? Like duh, we are bf/gf , why not? That showed me her feelings towards me changed.
All told, I think she's going to break up with me. This is not the first time I make promises or plans for activities and have them change at the last minute. I should've paid her for her help, but didn't yet. I was planning to get her a card this week and ask to meet during her work break the first opportunity for that would be Thursday as I am working a double shift / overnight tonight .
I just sent her a text wishing her a nice day and that I was thinking of her, no reply yet but her shift is starting, so that could be a factor. I'll know later once she's on break as she normally, when interested in me, replies then. Anything I can do to salvage this relationship? It's affecting my ability to concentrate on work.
TL:DR , GF and I (mid 30s) have been dating for 4 months, our relationship has had its ups and downs. She's broken up with me before when I say I'll do things but plans change, like we had this plan to go tubing/skating but the weather was bad/area in lockdown, so it didn't happen and we went indoors instead to retrieve winter clothing from my storage unit. Things went downhill after that, I was stopped by the police for a traffic violation (was lost and drove the wrong way), she made fun of me, now she's wishy washy about meeting up next weekend when I had 2 days off.
Any way to salvage this before the weekend? I have a strong feeling she'll end it the next time we meet, if she even agrees to do that. I texted her a nice message today and so far silence.
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2022.01.26 18:20 head-equate 2 men 1 girl 1 supper

2 men 1 girl 1 supper was a video published in 2015 on a media site on the dark web, and it starts out with a man scolding his 13-year-old teenage daughter for not eating her dinner. As far as the setting and the people look, they are caucasian but the cameraman sounds, and looks like a shaved Russian guy with a green jacket, and the house clearly looks American. It also looks like they lived a richer-looking house, the dad looks like a man who looks like a stereotypical "father" with a clean cut, and kind of look with the short greasy hair but older and somewhat gray too, the girl had like black hair with a yellow short little yellow mini Sun Dress, and it's set in like the afternoon on a sunny day with some clouds but the sun is still shining at the same time, despite it being called a "supper", and then he picks her up and then brings her into another room where he scolds her even more, then he takes off her clothes and underwear (but it doesn't show anything except the camera looking up at her, but still pretty fucked up), then picks her up and starts spanking her with a paddle. She at one point starts bleeding and he then he starts throwing things on her butt such as putting bleach or lemon juice on her bruised naked butt to aggravate her pain, pulling her hair, insulting her, then the cameraman defecates on her butt but it does not show it, then the dad then violently shakes her (possibly giving her a concussion), as well as covering her mouth to drown out her screaming and crying with the cameraman is laughing the whole time, as well as show her bruised nude butt and all of the damage he has caused as the cameraman calls her a “Stupid Little Cunt.” Off-screen. He then scolds her again and the cameraman insults her one last time while laughing at her misery before the video ends, and then it quickly focuses on the dog outside the window in the backyard before showing a sony vegas-like TV effect. The video was filmed up-and-down and was one of the first iPhone videos and it was filmed around 2010 or 2011 or 2012 but wasn't published until 2015, it also had some intro and logo to it indicating it was part of some media company that did this kind of media. This video has already been watched by millions of people everywhere, and the disturbing nature of it has caused permanent nightmares, seizures, and even suicides, mostly parents have been emotionally affected by it to the point where they had gotten divorces and/or committed suicide. It is unkown what part of the world this was filmed in but it looks like a typical suburban house where this was in. it could be anywhere in the united states of american or it could be canada. i dont know, but either way it seemed like a location they would have not been able to get away doing all of this in. But the man in the video appears to be part of some weird cult, due to the logo and music. The man and the other guy are still on the run from the police, and the girl ran away but i heard she may have committed suicide as she came from an orphanage, and this was just one of the videos that she starred in by these awful and sick guys. Whatever you do. Only those that value their sanity will not watch it. So please. DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS!!!!!
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2022.01.26 18:20 samhain2000 Samsung TV Plus

They have an entire channel, 1322, dedicated to the TV show "That Girl" staring Marlo Thomas.
I appreciate it, I watched it with my mother when I was little.
How awesome!
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2022.01.26 18:20 KennyDoge0114 Easy win right?

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2022.01.26 18:20 SpencerS145 Momentary Black Bars when Resizing a Window

I'm trying to get a window to resize along with the size of a room. The end goal here is make the size of the window decrease without resizing any of the content on-screen. Imagine like the window itself is a literal window that can only show a small piece whatever's behind it. I want to be able to resize the literal window as I need to show more or less.
The code I have mostly works as intended. However, when running it, the content inside the window and the dimension of the window don't resize at the same time, leaving some black bars on the screen for a short moment.

window_set_size(w,h); surface_resize(application_surface,w,h); camera_set_view_size(view_camera[0],w,h); room_width = w; room_height = h; 
I pass w and h as the desired width and height of the window.
I'm new to Gamemaker, so this is me just flailing helplessly trying to understand the program enough to achieve my desired effect. I've been reading the docs to try to understand things, and the code above is the direct result of that - but further research is a dead end. Is what I want here even possible?
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2022.01.26 18:20 Throwayacornfused69 Girlfriend posts lingerie and pinup photos of herself, but tells me she's insecure with her body.

My girlfriend posts semi regularly (No I will not disclose her username) it's pretty racy lingerie and pinup/cheesecake pictures, nothing x-rated. I feel proud of her for expressing herself. But, when I ask her what motivates her or keeps her posting, she tells me she "Doesn't really know." I understand the concept of anonymity in exhibition and the thrill involved.
I've asked her if it's for overt validation. Her answer wasn't really convincing to me that it wasn't. It's been a few months and I've become unsure if I really like it. I see the messages she gets and they are pretty raw. I feel that if somebody can seduce her and convince her to cheat, albeit electronically (Deal breaker for me) then that's on her and her loss, however, I feel like I'm inviting disaster without saying something. Call it insecurity. I can own it.
My issue is, she has tons of lingerie and super sexy outfits that she wears for complete strangers objectification, that she has never worn for me. I've asked her if I provide enough validation and emotional positivity such that she doesn't have to do this. She's told me that I'm the "Perfect boyfriend." Yet... she's posing online for strangers to ogle and get off to.
I don't want to stifle her or her need for expression or whatever it is she's seeking, but, it feels like with these actions, it's not me.
My request for advice is: 1.Should I state my discomfort at her not showing that side of herself to me, yet to everyone else. 2. Should I tell her what my feelings are (insecurity) at her receiving 100's of flirty messages and requests for "More" pictures.
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2022.01.26 18:20 fappingjack Biggest Victim of Recent Events Is the Truth

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2022.01.26 18:20 dwelfonashelf Saw tome

Any other big saw fans just happy to have all these Saw charms and the saw content? I’m in my glory rn
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2022.01.26 18:20 PremiumForAll ⭐️ Lucyis Loud ( LucyisLoud )

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2022.01.26 18:20 Doge_T0_Mars Probably?

I have been trying to open the BlockFI app all day now and it still won't open it is fully up to date but it just will not open. Anyone else experiencing this? Or know how to fix it?
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2022.01.26 18:20 Doischme N64 sound static/noise

Hello Everybody, today i got the N64 of my sister to fix it, because it had no picture. I opened it and cleaned the board, and the Video worked out of nowhere, but the sound is now static and fuzzy. I can hear the SM64 sound in the background of the static noise. I already tested different cables, and they all work fine for my Gamecube, so it has to be a problem with the N64. I couldnt find any fixes in the internet that would work for me.
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2022.01.26 18:20 memoriesofcold Ketanji Brown Jackson would be on a 'glide path' to Supreme Court confirmation if Biden picks her: Jeffrey Toobin

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2022.01.26 18:20 rottinghamcastle Can some trade Drakloak for evolution

I just need someone to trade with me then trade back.
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2022.01.26 18:20 613toes How is the league allowing this to happen? Such a bad look when it comes to attracting talent.

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2022.01.26 18:20 SlyOkapi The Shining EXPLAINED (Video Essay Parody)

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2022.01.26 18:20 KKP2222 Watch "How to download free drum kits 2022 4 Hit Singles & Albums/Reddit Website" on YouTube

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2022.01.26 18:20 dabbmw2002 Sympton Improvement After Omicron Recovery

After recovering from Omicron a couple weeks ago, my symptoms have improved from fatigue shortness of breath and general malaise. Before after 30 to 40 minutes of physical work, I would get fatigued and feel like garbage but now I can do 4-6 hours, sometimes longer of raking leaves hanging drywall, painting, and other physical household chores.
I've been seeing very very slow improvements over the last 18 months since my first infection May 2020, but now seeing large jumps. Hopefully it's not temporary but we'll see. Ironically, I was accepted into John Hopkins's long haul clinic and I at four appointments scheduled next week, I'll still go but it's kind of funny how life works out.
For those still struggling, hang in there.
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2022.01.26 18:20 pedrocas_drocas I think Asmon was a bit of a hypocrit in his recent video

This is probabily going to get blasted with downvotes but I dont care about reddit good boy points
So in Asmon's recent video in which he's discussing store mounts and how he's done caring about it he said that if 70% of the playerbase said they were gonna cancel their sub because of the store mounts and they actually followed through, Blizzard would remove the cash store the following day which is something that I agree with
But store mounts have been a thing for 10 years now in WoW and though Asmon has been against it since day 1 over those same 10 years, even though WoW went further against his beliefs and became more and more greedy, Asmon was always subbed, giving Blizzard a ton of his money and made a streaming and youtube career out of the game so even though he hates the current practices made by Blizzard which make him more and more upset in the long scheme of things he's done a lot more to promote WoW over the years than to actually make a stand against something he hates even though over the last 10 years WoW receiving praise is something that they didnt always deserve and in recent memory they dont deserve any
I know he obviously would never expect 70% of the playerbase to just quit but it's a bit hypocritical because something drastic like that is exacly the type of thing that would make Blizzard drop store mounts and the ever increasing items available in the cash shop yet Asmon never took any drastic measure on that scale that would cause that reaction so it's really not a surprise that his effect to hurt Blizzard's profits were...minimal and overall him as a personality has probabily made Blizzard get a lot of money even though Asmon probabily doesnt think they deserve it since they are literally ruining his all time favourite game and have demoralized him to this state
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2022.01.26 18:20 reddits-joker Walter white 1/6 scale | Sony a6400 | Sony lens 18-105

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