Paronychia and Antibiotics

2021.12.01 16:04 Hex9Mode Paronychia and Antibiotics

Hi 41M, Caucasian, 6'1", 175. I aquired a paronychia just over a week ago, swelling never went below top knuckle, no numbness/tingling, no fever, etc. Yesterday skin on one side of nail turned white, so I had that drained this morning. I was given bactrim 2x/day for a week. Should I take these antibiotics? Going into cold/covid/flu season (vaccinated for both covid and flu), is it wise to wipe out all of the good bacteria for this particular infection? Plus the possible side effects from the bactrim, time to regenerate good bacteria, etc? I'm not anti-antibiotic, but am aware of over use, and the benefits of maintaining a balance of bacteria for optimal immunity. Thanks
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2021.12.01 16:04 SocialyAkwardAtBest Should I switch therapists?

Recently started seeing a therapist for my depression and because I had suspicions about having ADD/ADHD. I’ve had about 3-4 sessions with them and they’ve been really nice. They’re really outgoing and I feel like I can tell them whatever without it becoming a standstill session.
However, after being diagnosed with ADD my girlfriend’s sister (who has a bachelors and almost a masters in psychology) told me that ADD is “not really a thing anymore” and that she’s concerned that my therapist isn’t educated enough about the topic to be diagnosing me. She- along with another colleague of mine who is currently in college for psychology- have both said the same thing about ADD “not being real”. Stating that it’s the same as being diagnosed with Asperger’s when you’re autistic.
I’ve also noticed that she talks a lot about herself and her tendencies rather than explaining to me how I should deal with mine.
With these things in mind, should I try to look at other therapists?
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2021.12.01 16:04 oddtrailfinder What are some stereotypes that are actually pretty on point?

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2021.12.01 16:03 nikitaosx [HELP] Help with iOS 4 theme for Android 1.6 running in an emulator in Windows XP

I'm making an iOS 4 theme for Android 1.6: i've themed the dock, wallpaper and home screen layout. How do I change the icons?
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2021.12.01 16:03 DwarfInAHeliumHat “Drone Again, Naturally” I can’t wait for No Agenda to praise Joe Biden for ending the drone wars. 🤣

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2021.12.01 16:03 fchung Bubble casting: it’s not hard to make soft robots: « What’s really smart is this idea to shape the structure just by natural fluid motion. »

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2021.12.01 16:03 Entire_Ad_6447 House rules that have improved deck group experience

My loose pod can't meet often usually once or twice a year and not all of us are equally invested in magic as such when building decks we have a house rule that says common duel lands without basic land types and abilities can be shocked in for 5. (We allow the life gain lands to work the same way) this means that decks can play more colors without having to run dozens of etb tap lands only.
As such we have found that we are able to make the most out of our limited time without the feel bad of people needing to invest in more expensive duel lands or proxy cards as much(which we are fine with but it just keeps the board cleaner to have as many real cards as possible)
Five life means that people can make choice on if that mana source is genuinely worth it without having as much of a feel bad when you need an untapped mana desperately to keep up but draw a tapped lands.
What rules have other people found to improve their tables play experience
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2021.12.01 16:03 Ok_Butterscotch1549 What’s the best song to get someone into Falilv?

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2021.12.01 16:03 IncomeJunior1586 When will poc11 Launch???!!!

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2021.12.01 16:03 Katherina-petrova Am I being a coward or smart?

So I'm currently studying for a bachelor of communication and journalism. I chose it because I liked doing radio shows and podcasts. But you don't really need 3 years to learn that. I realized the fields don't pay much but honestly, I realized I don't like PR at all, I consider it pretty much manipulation relations. It's not that deep, it's just about making your image well. No offense to PR majors, I'm glad somebody likes this.
My plan now is to get into a new bachelor's or pursue a master's if possible in some other field, completely unrelated. I was thinking of something in healthcare. I was thinking nutritionism or dermatology, nursing, and psychology are also considered, but the first two are preferable, cause I'm very interested in these two, but I don't know if they are profitable. My goal is to find something with a good life-working balance, profitable, something where I feel like I'm contributing to the community, no corporate jobs please and I can pursue my creativity/artistic pursuits in my free time. A job which I can travel with can also work from time to time.
Basically, I'm looking for advice on what to study next and pursue. My dream is to study writing, acting or film, but honestly, I feel like it's waste of time cause it's not safe enough.
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2021.12.01 16:03 Dark_Crystal01 Y'all are DEDICATED to agriculture ! ! !

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2021.12.01 16:03 Simonsayswho Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a new SPS record!!!

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2021.12.01 16:03 Zealousideal_Score11 סאס
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2021.12.01 16:03 Apprehensive_Test394 yup i get tons of bitches

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2021.12.01 16:03 wampmaster3000 That'll show her

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2021.12.01 16:03 JeanPaul-Boulot "Finnish Forest"-Madrid, Spain

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2021.12.01 16:03 Turbulent-Usual-352 40 new Crypto Worms are now released!

40 new Crypto Worms are now released!
On our page, we will release 40 new unique Crypto Worms today!
As in the batch before the worms will be available for 1$ each. That will go on until we reach a total number of 100 Worms. From that moment on, until we reach 200 Worms each Worm will be available for 4$. Ongoing from Worm 201 every worm will be sold in an auction starting at 4$. Join the Crypto Worms today!

The last batch was sold out after half an hour!
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2021.12.01 16:03 langshot ITAP Of Afternoon Light In The City

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2021.12.01 16:03 Nerdcuddles Flat chest mod and bodyshape editing mods? and a ken doll mod????

I just installed cyberpunk and was hoping to be able to play a non-binary character but nope the character customization is aggresivly gendered
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2021.12.01 16:03 Trick_Manager_8891 Doorbell with camera and monitor

Hi there, I want to install a camera on the outside part of my door (on the wall) and a monitor on the inside to get a live feed whenever someone rings the bell or whenever I want to. My door is a thick one made of steel and glass so I don't want to drill any holes in it. I'm a little on a budget. What's the best way to achieve that wirelessly ? Is there a solution where the camera and the monitor are on battery power ? What would you recommend ?
Thank you in advance for your time and effort :)
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2021.12.01 16:03 mizfit37 Tales of Arise #26 The Trap X Pure Hate

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2021.12.01 16:03 crazedcanuck__90 Radar cruisers at tier Vll

Hey folks,
I finally decided to try out tier Vll the other day after unlocking the lightning and have been having a bad time with getting lit up by radar on cruisers. Usually at distances several kilometers in excess of my spotting distance, leading to my imminent death. Lol.
Any suggestions on how to avoid this fate? I have tried to avoid populated areas on the map and stick to cover where possible but I swear the moment I get clear of one radar cruiser there is another just waiting for me.
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2021.12.01 16:03 theBostongui Practicing Palate

Hey Folks,
So I've been meaning to practice my palate, but currently on a college budget.
Anyone have recommendations on how to practice your palate on a budget?
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2021.12.01 16:03 zonals Martina Stoessel (3840x2160)

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2021.12.01 16:03 nyjrku if you bolus successfully you win one million dollars. what are you bolusing for.

must land within 10 points of goal at 2 hours
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