Zerkrom raid adding 10

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Money and gold ornaments were seen flowing out of a drainage pipe at the house of a PWD engineer in Karnataka's Kalaburagi during a raid by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). There is no record of the alleged raid taking place in San Francisco Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik alleged that an "international drug mafia" was present on the cruise ship where the high-profile raids were conducted on October 2. He alleged the drug lord, who "was let off by the agency", was friends with NCB officer Sameer Wankhede. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. www.scmp.com For the second time in six months, a search warrant has led to the arrest of four people on drug and weapons charges in Hoosick Falls. Investigators say back on October 22, 2021, deputies from the ...

2021.12.01 15:39 dmd111 Zerkrom raid adding 10

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2021.12.01 15:39 Snoo_8799 Will there be another artist like Kanye?

From what I see the new generation of "artists" remain relevant for no more than 1 year, then they disappear, no one. I think this is also caused by the new audience that tends to disfigure every single gamble taken by an artist by saying "mid". Among the few I think that could reach Kanye's level are: Travis (in a month no one will give a damn about what happened); Drake (I know it sounds strange but I think it might)
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2021.12.01 15:39 Captain_SHO Is anyone else a little worried that we haven't had any official announcements on our new OC etc?

I'm aware there are a lot of moving pieces, but you'd think they'd have their guy's already.
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2021.12.01 15:39 M0si Battlemage vs Berserker vs Druid

I came back to S&F without knowing any of the new classes (Assassin, Berserker, Battlemage, Druid, DH) and want to start a new char on W52 on friday with late game intentions. I am struggling to decide between battlemage, berserker and druid. I'll do 300ALU, but very limited dungeon pushing with shrooms.
Why I would like to play battlemage: Probably the most clever decision to my playstyle, as it is the most straight forward and consistent class. Also strong in the late game arena

Why I would like to play the Berserker: Even without shrooming those hit-combos are satisfying and can still be a big benefit in dungeons, i guess.

Why i would like to play the Druid: I really fancy the design.

I would love it, if you'd help me decide! My main struggles are:

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2021.12.01 15:39 _FedEx Chocolate cupcake with a soft dark heart

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2021.12.01 15:39 Roflcpt47 [Among the Stars and Darkness] - Chapter 14.2

“Lay down your weapons,” one of the masked guild members commanded, voice low and rumbling through a modulator.
None of them moved. Elaine’s eyes darted back and forth between Edward and Miranda wondering who’d make the first move. She anticipated the firing would start and was already calling on the power deep within her to lay out these assassins. Edward’s grip tightened around his blaster. All it’d take was a second. One second and he could take down three of them but that left nine more to contend with. It wouldn’t work. They’d be killed. They’d been had. Edward cursed. Even as Miranda calculated her moves with her eyes, there was no escaping now.
From behind the line of soldiers circling them, the Poelin that Miranda had faced stepped forth and glared at them, a sickening grin on his face. He’d take satisfaction in putting her down.
“It was all by design, wasn’t it, Banished?” the Poelin spoke, snarling through his ugly smile.
“Didn’t trust us to take care of things?” Miranda growled, baring her teeth like a rabid dog.
“That was a nice tale you spun for the Rector. Hardly believable but at the very least, entertaining.” He grabbed the hilt of his blade and removed it from its sheath. “You kill your own and were allowed to walk away with your life. You should’ve accepted the mercy of your sect. We will not be so merciless.”
“I did not kill my sect,” Miranda hissed.
“Right, right. It was the android, wasn’t it? The same android that you’ve been tracking? The one who supposedly appears on every planet you go? Is it before or after you arrive that the android kills the Nightguild presence?” The Poelin flashed his sword, the blade hissing as it spun through the air. “Don’t think we haven’t worked through your lies. You, killer of killers, will meet death once and for all.”
“You’re making a mistake,” Miranda warned, her eyes moving past the assassins and watching the darkness behind them.
“Oh? So, you haven’t been slaying our unsuspecting brothers and sisters who’ve welcomed you, a Banished? You didn’t come here to deceive us as well only to slit our throats when we’ve turned our backs? Give up the act. We found your bombs in the other passages. We know your plans. Surrender and your death will be swift. Or don’t.” The Poelin smiled a wide, toothy, sinister smile. “I much prefer you put up a fight.”
Miranda was ready to defend herself against them all if she had to but what the Poelin said caught her by surprise. She made a face and looked at him sideways, asking only one thing. “Bombs?”
A spray of blood splattered across the faces of the assassins behind the Poelin. The circle couldn’t react to the three assassins who’d just been decapitated before the blur of a figure leaped up onto the ceiling and came down hard with the circle standing just feet away from Miranda, Edward, and Elaine but standing right in front of the Poelin who stared with eyes wild with confusion. The elusive android, donning the appearance of a human woman, stood before them with outstretched arms that took on the form of three-foot blades. A collective gasp swept through them all but in the same breath, the android shoved its blade arms into the Poelin’s gut, lifting him inches above the ground and tossing him aside with ease. Its face was covered in blood both old and new. Its eyes which glowed a fiery red were lifeless and moved over every face as its computing chip processed a thousand possible moves a second. As the assassins opened fire, it had already determined the best course of action, dodging and weaving out of their fire, leaping and rolling as its blades sliced and stabbed with an unnatural speed that only a machine was capable of. The lights on the end of the assassin’s weapons flashed and swung all over like strobe lights cutting the darkness as they were cut down. Edward grabbed Elaine by the hand and dashed out of the circle without a second thought. He ran out of the line of fire as the assassins that remained began to panic, firing blindly into the disorienting madness that was rapidly unfolding. Miranda didn’t back away. While the android busied itself with goring the assassins, she dashed forward with baton brandished ready to swing.
Edward and Elaine could hear the mayhem unfolding behind them as they dashed through the darkness. She couldn’t see a single thing as they ran but she didn’t care, trusting Edward to get them out of there. Knowing what an android could do, knowing their speed and might was unmatched by anyone, he knew that his only option was to run and pray to whatever deity was listening that they could get out of this aqueduct which had quickly turned into a maze of death.
The android swiped upwards, completely relieving an assassin of his arm before plunging its blade arm into his neck. Three assassins remained and it would make quick work of them but Miranda had jumped into the fight prepared to keep up with an impossible foe. The electrified baton slammed into the android’s side, the jolt momentarily stunning it. Miranda followed up with the blaster to the back of the android’s head. She pulled the trigger, blasting the titanium-alloy skull with hardly any effect other than to be a minor annoyance to the android. It whipped its arm around, driving its elbow into Miranda’s chest. She tried to block the blow with her baton but it did less else than save her sternum from snapping like a twig. The blow knocked the wind from her lungs and planted her on her back. The android turned its attention from the dismembered assassin who was howling in pain and looked at Miranda. It was confused. It ran a scan of her profile. She wasn’t an assassin. It was tasked with hunting assassins. Who was she? the complex artificial intelligence thought.
Miranda didn’t allow the android to come to a conclusion as it towered over her. Still trying to catch her breath, she grabbed a pellet from her belt and threw it directly between the android’s eyes. It popped on the android’s face and released a thick cloud of black smoke which further confused the android. With all of its modifications and enhancements, the smoke had rendered it completely blind. It looked around trying to find Miranda, the decisions formulating in its mind before it leaped backward hoping to escape the smoke but it was far too spread and lingered with the lack of ventilation.
Within the smoke, Miranda stood, glowering at the android. All she could see were its glowing red eyes cutting through the smoke, pivoting back and forth, searching. She brought up the cackling baton, holding it tight in her hands. The android had hesitated, something she had never seen it do before. Did it remember her? No, it couldn’t have. It was an artificial intelligence, though a rather unhinged one. Had its protocols evolved? So many questions from one second of hesitation. She reminded herself to stay focused on the task at hand. She had to stop the android.
Edward wasn’t sure where he was headed but there had to be some way out of here. Everywhere he looked, the tunnels went on endlessly. There were no maintenance exits or emergency ladders or elevator shafts. All that was in this dark, dusty underground aqueduct were tunnels, canals, bridges, and long falls into nothing. He could no longer hear the fighting. He wasn’t even sure where it would be coming from. They stood at the end of another bridging path that extended over a long, rectangular corridor. Massive fans lined the walls of the corridor. Could they lead them to safety? Edward couldn’t tell. Not that it was even an option. The bridged path was suspended over a massive drop. He could see the ground below them. It was a several hundred-foot drop into a pit full of vile murky water. The scent hung in the air as soon as they entered the corridor. It was a stagnant, rotted scent as if many somethings had died in that water. Not wanting to join the murky grave, Edward pushed Elaine on as she scrunched up her nose, tried not to breathe it in too deep, and prayed that she could control her gagging.
They made it halfway through the room before they both saw the lights whirring just overhead. They froze and Edward had his blaster aimed and ready. All Elaine could see were the flickering lights hovering overhead but Edward could clearly see it. A drone, slowing to a hover just ahead, scanning the room. Nightguild? A friend of the android? He wasn’t sure and he wasn’t willing to find out. He blasted it out of the air and it exploded, crashing down into the watery depths in flames.
“Keep going!” he shouted, urging her forward, worried that whoever it belonged to would surely follow.
Meanwhile, Miranda danced around the android who had turned its attention to an assassin charging through the smoke. He blasted the android’s leg with a powerful shot from a scatterblaster. Any living being would have had every bit of its leg blown to bloody pieces but the android merely shrugged it off. The nanotech which formed its blade hand crawled back like spiders and turned into a normal hand which the android used to seize the assassin by the throat and with a simple squeeze and the crunching of bones, the assassin grew limp. Miranda moved in as the android dropped the dead assassin and drove the baton right into the android’s armpit. The lights in its eyes flickered and dimmed as the voltage coursed through its circuitry. She could see that every hit was closer to disabling the android but it continued to resist. Its arm moved unnaturally, snaking underneath hers and she cried out in pain as its mechanical hand grasped her forearm. Through the pain, she rose her blaster and shot the android in the face, blowing out one of its eyes and causing it to lurch back, seriously hurt by the attack. Miranda stepped forth, unfazed by the throbbing in her off-arm. It wasn’t broken. The android was holding back. She wouldn’t.
She held up her blaster and fired but the rounds cut right through the smoke, striking nothing. Her stomach turned and sprinted forward but found nothing in the smoke which was only now starting to dissipate. She cursed and looked around for any possible means of escape while wiping at the dirt coating her arms over the bruises forming on her body. Around her lied twelve dead bodies dismembered and gored, bodies hardly distinguishable. And then there was the Poelin, face frozen with that last flash of shock before. A fresh coat of sweat was forming on her face, the beads of sweat rolling through the blotches of blood. Part of her felt relieved that Edward and Elaine’s bodies weren’t amongst the dead while the other part was pissed that they had fled so quickly, right when she thought they would step up to the fight. Wherever they were, she hoped they could outrun the android who was undoubtedly prowling these dark depths. The night was young and there was much blood yet to be spilled. The android was fast and under ordinary circumstances, she’d stand no chance at catching up to it but the android was hell-bent on completing its mission—its core programming, and she knew exactly how it’d go about doing so.
Edward continued through the dark and though he thought he was getting closer to escape, he could hear a commotion just ahead. Treading carefully, he approached, his fingers laced tightly around his blaster fearing what would be around the bend at the end of the tunnel. He fought with himself in his head, debating on whether he should keep going or turn around. He knew the hell he just narrowly escaped behind him and knew that nothing but death awaited but ahead, he hadn’t the faintest idea what was in store. “If we run into anything…” Edward began.
Elaine was already ahead of him and said, “Do my thing?”
“Yeah, that.”
They made their way around the bend and saw a sight that gave him cause to stand frozen in place. The tunnel opened up to a much larger tunnel that was barely any different from all that he had already seen aside from one thing: the tunnel was brightly lit but not by a string of bulbs or powerful floodlights. Small fires scattered across the floor burned hot. Entire portions of the wall had been blown away and it seemed that the tunnel would come down on itself at any given time. Assassins inched deeper into the tunnel, blasters raised and returning fire as their lives depended on it. There were too many rounds being fired their way to be the work of a single android. Edward lingered in the darkness and watched until he could see men of all kinds of races marching in on the assassins who were falling back. They were outfitted like soldiers with black body armor, combat helmets, and heavy boots which thumped along the tunnel’s moist floor. These soldiers kept shouting back and forth with one another as they pushed back the outnumbered assassins. There had to be at least fifty soldiers compared to the ten or so assassins he had seen exchanging fire. The soldiers passed right by the opening, intent on chasing the assassins into the tunnel. With their backs to him, Edward could see the lettering on the back of their vests. APC—otherwise known to the public as the Aberanth Peacekeeping Corps, nothing more than a band of PMCs but what were they doing down here in what he was certain was the bottom of the planet?
He may have been having a rough night, but Edward was certainly glad he wasn’t a part of the Nightguild. To be assaulted by the android and the APC? They had to be having a rough go of it.
“It’s a freaking war down here,” Elaine muttered.
“We should go the way they came in. There’s bound to be an exit.”
“After you,” Elaine said, grabbing hold of his sleeve even though she didn’t have to anymore.
They slipped out of the opening and into the large tunnel, looking back once to see the APC laying down an unrelenting stream of fire. They’d no doubt make it wherever they were bound which Edward assumed was the Nightguild’s compound but that’s exactly what the assassins wanted. Even being assaulted by two adversaries, they knew that if they could drag their enemy into their depths, they could wipe anyone out.
Edward pushed Elaine along and they ran down the tunnel as fast as they could to escape this hole which had nosedived right into the realm of absolute madness. Edward kept looking back to make sure they weren’t followed. He could nearly taste it. Freedom and escape from this place. He kept running, even when his lungs were calling for a break. Elaine was starting to lag behind, completely worn out and unable to keep at this pace. He slowed down, reaching out to her, willing to carry her from this place if he had to. They were so close! They were nearly there and just needed to keep moving!
From another opening in the wall, Miranda came sprinting out like a bat out of hell with a wild look in her eyes. She glared at Edward, wondering what the odds were that this was how they’d meet again and if the situation weren’t as dire, she would’ve certainly laughed.
“What the hell…” Edward said, slowing to a halt.
“How long’s it been and you still haven’t gotten out of here?” she asked, wiping her hands on her sides. “What have you been doing? Running in circles?”
Edward scratched at his head, completely bewildered. “Were we really running in circles?” Elaine asked, in disbelief at how much time they’d potentially wasted.
“Yes, and right now, you seem to be running the opposite direction. We need to go that way,” Miranda said, pointing in the direction of the mayhem behind them.
“I think I’ll keep on my way, thanks,” Edward said, panting to catch his breath before trucking past her.
“You won’t make it out. This place has been wired to blow. Our only chance is through the teleporters in Central Operations.”
Edward scoffed, rubbing his dirty face and rough gristles. “Do you hear that?” he asked. The sounds of battle were echoing all around them. Explosions, blaster fire, shouting all filled the air on top of the smoke and fires that burned around them. “We’re not going to make it if we turn around!”
“I wasn’t aware of how cowardly you really are. Here I was expecting a hardened man. A warrior. Not a child!” Miranda shouted.
“Not cowardly, just not suicidal!” Edward shouted back, waving a finger at her.
“Call it what you will. It doesn’t change the fact that our only way out is that way.”
Edward rubbed his forehead and swore loudly but finally relented. “I’m sure we’ll beat the bombs.”
“Are you willing to risk that?”
“Maybe she’s right,” Elaine suggested softly.
“No! I think you just want to drag us down with you!” he shouted at Miranda.
“All I’ve done tonight is save you from being slaughtered. Remember: I warned you. This ordeal could have been avoided if you had just listened to me.”
Edward cursed, wanting so badly just to hit something but he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, controlling his anger and seeing things rationally. Getting caught in the bombs and a potential cave-in was a risk he did not want to risk. The teleporter would be the safest bet, even if it meant charging through hell to get to it. He looked up at Miranda, sighing. “Alright then, we do it your way, goddamn it.”
“About time you’ve listened to sense!” Miranda took the lead with Elaine and Edward following hesitantly. “Come on!” she shouted back at them.
Edward looked at Elaine who was just as uncertain about it all as he was. They were entirely out of their realm and could see no positive outcome to any of this but Miranda hadn’t given them a reason not to trust her yet. He exhaled deeply and motioned for Elaine to follow. This was certainly not going to go the way they’d like.
They marched down the burning tunnel, weapons at the ready, headed straight into the pandemonium’s open hands. Bodies littered the tunnel of both the APC and the assassins. They were cutting at each other with such ferocity but it could not match the android’s gruesome methods. Elaine kept her eyes ahead, sickened by the death around her. Miranda was unfazed, trucking ahead with head held high and eyes peeled for any action. This was the main tunnel and was leading them right to the Nightguild. The fighting ahead hadn’t ceased. If anything, it sounded like the savagery had increased. Edward bit his lip, anticipating trouble at the end of the tunnel. Then came the shouts. The echoes of screams surrounded them, blasting their ears and bouncing off the walls. These shouts were vastly different from the mid-fight shouts between comrades barking orders and movements. These were the haunting death throes digging into their head like nails on a board. And as they continued to venture forward, Edward didn’t feel fear or worry. No, he felt angry. Angry that he was dragged into this. Angry that the odds were definitely not in their favor. Angry that he had no choice but to blast his way out of another situation, a sentiment he had grown sorely tired of.
From the shadowy tunnel ahead, a soldier came running towards them with nothing but fear to fuel his adrenaline. In this state of shock and horror, he ran right into Edward who stepped aside and let him fall on the ground. Edward aimed his blaster right at the soldier’s head, eyes narrowed on the young man’s bloodied and cut-up face. He wasn’t a hardened killer or some seasoned veteran. He was just a young buck off the block given a blaster and told to clear out the rats. Edward almost felt sorry for the boy. “Why are you running?” Edward asked, his voice rumbling with false anger and might like a father scolding a child.
“It’s—It’s—Oh, my god, it’s killing—everyone’s dying!”
Edward glanced up at Miranda who had barely stopped to listen. She shrugged her shoulders and only commented, “It’s already there. We need to pick up the pace.”
Edward turned his attention to the boy and removed the blaster from his face. “Go, get out of here,” he barked. The boy didn’t hesitate, not even saying a word. He scrambled onto his feet and ran as fast as he could away from them never looking back.
“Won’t he get caught in the bombs?” Elaine asked sympathetically as she watched him leave.
“Better than the android,” Edward coldly replied.
They picked up the pace, jogging further in until they reached a massive metal floodgate that had been blown right off of its hinges. The APC soldiers weren’t messing around. They came to clean house.
They crossed the threshold, moving through the open floodgates. The sounds of fighting were so close now but it was hard to tell where it was coming from. Past the floodgates was a massive cavern with many possible passages. The cavern itself seemed to serve as a workshop of sorts. Racks of weapons were positioned around the floor, and benches and tools and piles of equipment and spare parts took up the rest of the space. And mixed in with all the rust and metal was a bloodbath with the bodies of both assassins and soldiers lying around. Some had been shot down. Others had fatal injuries that could not have come from a blaster. Guts spilled from torn bellies. Heads and limbs could be found among the heaps of junk. Some of the bodies were sliced terribly and ripped to ribbons. Edward grimaced as his eyes looked over all the dead. It was a dreadful scene that he was glad to have missed and he sincerely hoped they could bypass all of the carnage and get straight to the exit but Miranda had a look of cold determination in her eyes. She wanted to be there and see it all unfold. She wanted to watch as the nimble android cut through all of the guild assassins. More than ever, Edward could see that hunger for revenge in her eyes.
“Which way to the teleporters?” Edward asked over the sounds of distant howls, hoping to pull Miranda back to the realization that they had to get out of there as quickly as possible and not risk another encounter with the android.
Miranda looked at the unmarked branching passageways. She knew the way, or at least, she was sure she did but she needed Edward. Not this man he was now, but the Edward Drake she hoped he was if she was going to finish this but when she looked back and saw him standing there with Elaine holding onto his sleeve, horrified at the death that the android left in its wake, she sighed. He was no longer the hunter and killer that many had known him to be. He had something to care for—something to protect. Miranda pointed him towards a passageway and said, “That way should lead you to their staging area. It’s where you’ll find the teleporters.”
“Great, let’s get the hell out of here,” he said, marching straight for it with Elaine following closely trying to step around the dead.
“Go ahead, I’ll catch up with you,” Miranda said, headed another way, towards where she knew the fight was occurring.
Edward stopped, his mask receding to reveal his intense eyes glancing at her. “What do you mean? Are you seriously still going after that android?”
The ground began to quake and the walls shifted and released gusts of dust and pebbles. The piles of junk rattled around them and the overhead lights swung wildly while flickering rapidly. The unmistakable roar of a distant blast swept through the room and through the floodgates in the tunnel that they had just come from, a bright flash could be seen before the entire tunnel came down on itself in the distance. It was done. They were sealed in the compound.
“I have to make sure it finishes what it came here to do,” she said over her shoulder.
Edward turned to face her, eyes narrowed on her. He began realizing what part she had to play in all of this. “Do you know who sent the android?” he asked her.
Miranda rolled her eyes and nodded. “Yes,” she admitted. “The android’s here because of me.”
Edward nodded, understanding. She wanted the android alive. She wanted it in one piece and believed it truly was their means of escape but the only way it would ever be of some help to them is if they could somehow control it. There’s only one way to control an unhinged rogue android. “You have the inhibitor chip,” Edward guessed, though he was mostly confident in his assessment.
He wasn’t sure what he expected looking into her eyes and seeing the truth rising in them. She knew she had been found out and carrying around the burden of that truth was truly weighing her down. She blinked hard, feeling a wave of emotions she wasn’t ready to face. Not yet.
“Yes,” was all she said, her hands growing white as she held onto the blaster tightly.
Edward looked down at the floor contemplating what they’d do. It was foolish to do anything but run to the teleporters and get out of the compound but that didn’t change the fact that Miranda was willing to get herself killed over this and for what? There was much to be learned, much for him to understand on what drove her to such great lengths.
And yet, he felt he needed nothing more to understand it perfectly. He could see it burning in her eyes—that yearning for revenge. That hunger to do something—anything—after being used to her fullest potential only to be discarded when she had served her purpose. He cursed at the irony of it all, understanding what he wanted to do versus where his moral strings were pulling him.
“Right, well, lead the way,” Edward relented, waving at her to move.
Miranda furrowed her brow, confused. “You should leave,” she said.
Elaine certainly didn’t argue. She wanted to get out of here as soon as possible and couldn’t understand what Edward was doing but he looked back at her and nodded as if asking her to just understand. “You’ll get yourself killed on your own. Least we can do is give you a fighting chance.”
Miranda shook her head, scoffing at his sudden turnaround. “Remember what happened last time you didn’t listen to my warnings?”
“Yeah, I guess I don’t listen too well,” he shrugged. “We need to go before they destroy your robot.”
“Android,” Miranda corrected as Edward approached to join her side.
Before they ventured into the passage, Edward grabbed Elaine tight and told her seriously, “Look… don’t hold back.”
Elaine took in a deep breath and nodded. She’d been through a number of life-threatening situations but none as unsettling as dealing with a rampaging machine. Still, if there was a comfort to be had in this dire situation, fighting would be it. “That I can do,” she assured Edward with her best attempt to hide her shaky voice.
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2021.12.01 15:39 Lopsided_Beautiful36 Bought this wired pre-pickguard. Is one of these long black wires extra, or where do I solder it?

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2021.12.01 15:39 OvateWolf My long-term 27 string Lever Harp is finally here

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2021.12.01 15:39 Hatszi Day 2 of drawing SCP-939. More in the comments.

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2021.12.01 15:39 randolama Downtown Lake Placid

I heard there was a lot of construction and streets closed in Lake Placid a little bit ago. Can anyone tell me what the current situation is like? Thank you!
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2021.12.01 15:39 chakokat Boris Johnson refuses to deny No 10 held Christmas party during lockdown last year [ AKA Rules for thee but not for me ]

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2021.12.01 15:39 Swedish_Husmanskost Macdonald's inte bra

Så jag har nu insett att Macdonald's inte är så jättebra, låt mig förklara. Det är inte billigt om man ska äta och vara mätt 89 kostar ett Big Mac meal medans på det lokala hamburger resturangen så kostar det 99 för en lunch som a bra kvalis och så är det gott. Vilket kan vara en grej som Macdonald's inte har.

Diskutara vad ni tycker
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2021.12.01 15:39 Comprehensive-Ask452 Never talk to your crush all you will end up doing is overthinking

There is this guy I have had a crush on, he is very intelligent and hot and every person in my class I think is a very good friend to him. And he helps me without any hesitation he is just way too helpful.
He is a very cool, warm guy. So I have told him about me expecting to be best friends with him(which I feel terribly stupid about,but yet his reply was yeah we can think of it once we get into a good college)although it hasn't been long since we started talking which I initiated too asking for help in my academics because my condition is really bad, so he helps me out and everything, he calls me when he thinks I am overwhelmed or I need major help which he generally makes out from my texts, yesterday I talked to him for an hour and I told him that I generally don't open up so quick to anyone which is true and that he doesn't tell me stuff, but he told me a few things about him too but he was holding himself back from telling me, and he is very career focused and got himself out of a bad friendship, he helps me with everything but I really want to know whether he is just helping me or really wants to be friends with me, I feel like I don't deserve him because he has such a pleasing personality and everyone intelligent is good friends with him, i want to be exceptional to him which isn't possible because I am a jerk and why would he like me (but I also think I am pretty fun)so I asked him this straight away that am I your friend or you are just helping me, and he said very casually yes you are. But I am not sure, I don't get it why is he being so helpful and yet doesn't like to talk much and he never texts me, its always me asking my doubts but he replies very politely, and he makes fun of me here and there and is witty, but he doesn't need me at all my academics are too bad, I am just so confused rn, and I get really jealous of this girl i think he talks to a lot and she is witty and really intelligent, I want to stay focused on my studies but he is distracting me, and I think he is not taking me seriously but there is this part of me which believes that he will be my best friend, because sometimes people just vibe and become best friends and there is no particular reason for that.
Advice me on how I should keep my relationship with him should I continue talking to him and try to get closer to him and whether I am wasting his time and mine too, and whether he would care If I stop talking to him.
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2021.12.01 15:39 iammiyaki O que eu faço se não consigo chorar?

Eu não consigo chorar não importa o quanto eu tente. Eu sinto uma sensação agoniante no peito e simplesmente não consigo me livrar disso. Acho que melhoraria se eu conseguisse chorar. Colocar pra fora, sabe? Mas não consigo. Eu me sinto tão sozinho. Só tenho uma amiga, mas não quero incomodá-la com as minhas crises, e tbm não posso falar com a minha família.
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2021.12.01 15:39 Tex-Mexican-936 FAKE BIZ. FIFA sanctioned Mexico's soccer team over homophobic chants from fans, but Qatar will host the world cup. (Homosexuality carries a 3 year sentence in Qatar)

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2021.12.01 15:39 TeryDaniels Hey there did you get satisfyed by lolong and his fight or are you disappointed?

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2021.12.01 15:39 Legin_666 Join my game WLFPOF No shapeshifters

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