My (21M) partner (21F) pulled a 360. We were crazy about each other.

2021.12.01 16:05 BrokeMyOwnH3art My (21M) partner (21F) pulled a 360. We were crazy about each other.

She is my friend's ex. We met a year ago. We both had crushes on each other for a year. She broke up with my friend earlier this year. When I moved out of our hometown again for Grad school we started talking again. I wasn't looking for anything when I started talking to her, I just missed my friend. In a month she was the one to say she liked me, though we both made it pretty obvious. For weeks she said she wanted to hold me, kiss me, be with me. Sent me mushy posts. I reciprocated, I was crazy about her. We texted constantly and called for hours every day. I've veered clear of relationships for three years to avoid getting hurt after high school. I had built walls around my heart. She made me want to open up again and take my walls down. Just when I managed to do that her trauma from her last relationship kicked in. She said she put up walls around her own heart again and was afraid of getting hurt. But she also said she still liked me and wanted things to fall into place. Another week went by. She learned she had to move out for her hometown for grad school a week after I went back. She cried about it. I cried about it. She managed to extend it to two weeks. We made plans for those two weeks. Everything was still good. This was two days ago. For two days she got busy with assignments and moving plans. As someone with ADHD, even when i'm drowning in work i'm still in constant contact with the people I care about over text. I subconsciously put the same expectations on her which wasn't fair. I had an anxiety attack and told her how I felt she didn't like me anymore and I asked her what she wanted us to be. She didn't offer any reassurances. She just heard me talk and thanked me for sharing. Today she told me once she got to grad school she didn't want to have to answer to anyone since it's her first time living away from home. She said I gave her comfort and I gave her warmth and I made her feel sane for the two-ish months we talked. She said after her last relationship I was so drastically different from her ex she had been drawn to that idea of me. She said I had expectations she couldn't meet(even though even as the insecure anxious person that I am I still believe she wanted the same things as me till a week ago). She said she still liked me, but I think we both know that's not true. At least not in the same way as before. She cancelled plans we had for winter. We had talked about December longingly for so long. It was gone in two days. I don't know what to do with all this love in my heart. I still want to ask her whether she got home safe and whether she ate properly today as we did every day. Spotify wrapped came out today. My most listened playlist was our Blend together. I know hers was too. How do you lose so much love in two days?
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2021.12.01 16:05 gotyoureyes Clueless (art by me :P)

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2021.12.01 16:05 angry_english_major First time visitor

Hey all! I impulsively decided to buy a ticket to Glasgow for dec 30- Jan 9. As I’m traveling alone I was hoping for recommendations on the best places to hang out and grab a beer. Also looking for a good place to ring in the new year!
Any recommendations on where to go what to do and what to see would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.12.01 16:05 shanabailey Cotton Women Panties 1 piece for 1.09 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $1.19)

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2021.12.01 16:05 allogb1 Should I save my crystals right now? What should I spend them on?

Hey! I have a decent team and Cotton at 3 stars. I have the dark lords castle and lion landmarks. What should I use my crystals for before gacha? Should I hold off til next banner? Or should I try to 4 and 5 star Cotton?
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2021.12.01 16:05 theothersteve7 Funny issues with the Altered Carbon mod

The Altered Carbon mod is really, really cool, but I've run into some issues with it. I found them... amusing, so I thought I would share.
I have two relevant colonists. They are married, one of each gender. I made a high-quality sleeve for the wife, extracted the stack, and installed it in the new sleeve.
Neither was upset at the death. Roles were kept.
A funeral was mandated. The wife officiated her own funeral.
The husband now has two entries for the wife on his Social tab. One for his dead wife/best friend, and one for the new sleeve, who is no longer his wife.
The wife, meanwhile, has one entry, and still considers the first colonist her husband and best friend.
Then the two new pawns became lovers on a successful flirt - appropriately, one involving self-replicating machines. This appears to not only affect the new entries but retroactively affect the old entries. The entries of the wife on the husband are now wife/bestfriend/lover and lover. The wife has the entry husband/best friend/lover.
I can only assume they will become husband husband and wife wife given enough time. Possible husband husband husband and wife wife wife, if I get a new sleeve for the husband.
That's not all. In the time that the stack was extracted from the wife, I stored it in the quantum storage matrix. That's cool. Slight problem. The husband decided to duplicate it using an empty stack. Four times. Most of which are now duplicates of duplicates, which the husband is now diligently duplicating.
I tried wiping three of the duplicates. I now have six funeral prompts. I tried to get the wife to perform the six funerals for herself. Unfortunately, they all require a filled grave for some reason. My colonists are now unhappy. The husband appears to be cheering himself up by making more copies of his wife.
At this point I'm not sure what can be salvaged. What a strange colony.
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2021.12.01 16:05 jeremyam_ VMU backlight?

I’m about to attempt this mod plz cross your fingers for me I have decent solder skill! I heard the worst part is getting the screen cleaned up just right.
So does anyone know what gauge wire I use? Also any special techniques to make the screen not blotchy? I saw some videos and the screen looked very blotchy?
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2021.12.01 16:05 thenewyorkgod Omicron variant found in California

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2021.12.01 16:05 RSR_of_Vortis The family resemblance is striking

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2021.12.01 16:05 FlimsyPaperAirplane Co-workers asking me questions about religion

My co-workers know im not a good Jw.. that i break many rules. But i know basically everything about the religion..
I have my own ideas and thoughts that go against the indoctrination. And when my coworkers want information, i find myself reassuring them that i do not believe the teachings.. after talkinf and going back to my desk i feel a strange sense of guilt. What advice do you have to get over this feeling?
The subject we spoke about was blood transfusions, i described jw belief and then explained i do not agree and id rather get blood transfusions for whomever needed them..
I cant get the words of elders and speakers "THE BIBLE CLEARLY STATES...."
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2021.12.01 16:05 Zealousideal_Factor5 Fernanda Lacerda

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2021.12.01 16:05 StoneAge_Productions The Christmas countdown is finally here!! 🎄 Short videos uploaded everyday during the festive month of December - Follow the link to gain access to your first video advent.. 🎁

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2021.12.01 16:05 Michellerose6834 Bitcoin Miner Riot Blockchain Buys Electrical Equipment Provider ESS Metron for $50M

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2021.12.01 16:05 Br_Des Jinx from League of Legends. WIP, step 2

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2021.12.01 16:05 calcol28 Top 0.001% of Evanescence listeners this year? Sounds about right. What about yall?

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2021.12.01 16:05 _Knuckleheads A quick favor. [OC]

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2021.12.01 16:05 krunningduger colored pencil and crayon

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2021.12.01 16:05 McKimboSlice Anti-freeze!

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2021.12.01 16:05 ReVeila The Rock's Career If It Started Today: Peak (Will Storm)

The Rock. A LARGER THAN LIFE star made in the Attitude Era facing stars like Stone Cold, Goldberg, The Undertaker, etc. But what if he was a star of today, matching the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre? I’m here to book that! I shall be booking the PEAK of The Rock’s career, but I shall put some notices on this. First off, The Rock was the LARGEST star on the indies, using his Rocky Maivia gimmick. He faced all kinds of stars in the Indies, but then AEW and WWE Wanted him. The Samoan connection with Roman Reigns and The Usos made it an easy choice. He went to NXT and won the NXT North American Championship, but never managed to win the NXT Championship from Pete Dunne, as he is called up to the ‘Main Roster’ in the Royal Rumble in 2023.
His on Raw debut the next night was huge, as he challenged Seth Rollins right away. Think Keith Lee facing Randy Orton style, as The Rock beats Rollins, and with a few more matches, he wins the United States Title from Austin Theory, but loses it to Riddle. Then, Rocky has a shot at the WWE Title, but is then Drafted to Smackdown, removing all of the progress he made. We pick up in 2023, Survivor Series. The Rock is leading Smackdown’s Survivor Series team. At this time, the likes of Roderick Strong, Bron Breakker, Ridge Holland, Ricochet, Dom Mysterio and Tyler Bate are set Main Roster stars, all on weekly TV!
This first part is from Survivor Series 2023 through to WrestleMania 2024, and the 2nd part will briefly cover his 2024 as a whole!
Survivor Series - November 2023
5v5 Survivor Series Match
Team Raw: Seth Rollins, Bron Breakker, Roderick Strong, Ridge Holland, Cesaro
Team S.D : The Rock, Randy Orton, Tyler Bate, Kevin Owens, Dominik Mysterio
The Rock and Seth Rollins. Long time rivals since NXT, where Rollins started to take charge before the members of NXT chased him away. Tyler Bate and Dom Mysterio were among them. The members of each team have tense relationships. Owens and Mysterio, Bate and Orton. But Bron and Strong and Cesaro and Rollins too. Both teams seem to be on the same page right now, as Bron and Bate start the match.
Bron Breakker overpowers Bate, but Bate, with assistance from the sly K.O, Tyler Bate pins Bron, but K.O was holding Bate’s feet tight, as the Referee was at the wrong angle, so didn’t see this. Mysterio and Bate aren’t exactly…thrilled at this display, but The Rock makes sure everyone leaves it. Their job is to win…but with this talk, Roderick Strong manages to get Bron on his side for just a moment. They perform a Heart Attack type manoeuvre. Strong locks in the Strong Hold on Tyler Bate, but The Rock slides in and breaks it up, but slides back out before anyone from Raw gets involved.
The next elimination comes when Cesaro is swinging Kevin Owens. Seth tags in, and says to Cesaro to swing him…upside down. He reluctantly does so, and Seth Rollins times it, and Cesaro slows down as Seth Rollins drives Owens’ head into the mat with a stomp! Cesaro looks impressed, and Owens is out. Rollins is showing off, but The Rock slips in. Rollins does not see this, but Cesaro does! He quickly tags himself in, but The Rock notices. It’s clear to the camera on this that he notices this happening, and he grabs Rollins for a Rock Bottom, but Cesaro flies off the top rope. Rocky lets go and steps back, and Cesaro hits Rollins, and the Rock Bottom catches Cesaro, putting the former world champion out of commission! Rollins steps in next, and goes one on one with the People’s Champion, as he hits a spinebuster on Rollins! He goes for the People’s Elbow, but he is caught on the ropes by Ridge Holland, hitting him in the back of the head, and Rollins takes Advantage.
Later, Rocky is able to get out of the ring, and Holland and Rollins are on a roll and make a few eliminations between them! First, a stomp puts out Tyler Bate, and a brutal move from Ridge into a ripcord knee from Rollins puts the legend Orton out of the picture. Finally, Dom gets cocky, and blames Orton for taking his spot. He’s sick of being underestimated, and goes for a springboard entry, but Orton is out of the match now. RKO to Dominik Mysterio, and he’s out! It is now NXT’s brightest star to date, former United States Champion The Rock, facing former Tag Team and 4 time United States Champion Ridge Holland, the Diamond Mine’s leader Roderick Strong, and the 6 time World Champion Seth Rollins.
The Rock is able to get Ridge alone, but they go one on one for a short time, Rocky is busted open in the process. The Rock is about to be put away, but rolls him up when Holland makes a mistake! With a small package, The Rock eliminates the former United States Champion! Roderick Strong wastes little time, and he is next! He grabs the Olympic Slam, but The Rock slips out, and sets him up for the Rock Bottom for the 1, 2, 3! Strong is out!! Strong is not happy though, and slams Rocky to the mat anyway, and Rollins hits a stomp with it. The referee stops them and medics come out, and Rocky is about to be taken out, but he refuses it. Seth Rollins just begs him to stop, he’ll end his career. Rocky does not give in though, and the final 2 members for their brands face. Monday Night Rollins vs The Rock, Laying the Smackdown.
This 1 on 1 battle goes on for 7 or so minutes further, Stomps missed, Rock Bottoms failed. But it’s when The Rock is down, Seth goes for a Top Rope Stomp, but he’s caught with a Rock Bottom! Then a second, and a third! Then, a People’s Elbow as the crowd goes mental puts Seth away, and Team Smackdown win the match!!
Randy Orton, Tyler Bate, Kevin Owens, Dominik Mysterio and the Smackdown roster come out, celebrating the win, and ‘Rocky’ is being bellowed by the crowd.
Day 1: January 2024
After Survivor Series, Social Media went crazy. The Rock trended for a week or more, and after his short career? He deserves the WWE Universal Title, or at least.. a shot at it. The title has recently been taken by Dolph Ziggler. Since Roman Reigns’ lost it, Ziggler had cashed in his 2nd Money in the Bank contract to hold the title, and is on his 2nd month of holding it.
Randy Orton kicked off Smackdown a week after Survivor Series, and he immediately called out The Rock. Orton wants to beat the record of Cena and Flair, and Ziggler is someone Randy’s beaten before. He’s confident he can win the title. Out comes Rocky, and with their lack of history, Rocky and Orton are set to have their first ever match ever at the Day 1 PPV, the first event of 2024.
The Rock vs Randy
The match starts off slow. They’re figuring one another out, and sizing up. They’re both professionals, and want to get the upper hand. They exchange strikes, they trade moves. Rocky hitting a Tilt-a-Whirl side slam, Randy retaliating with a powerslam. Randy then sees Rock’s neck is hurt from a Suplex. He goes to work, grinding the neck with stomps and holds. Rocky occasionally gets a flurry of offense, but he fails to get on top.
Randy has worked the neck for a while, and he goes for the draping DDT, but Rocky slips out, hitting an atomic drop, then hits the ropes for a leaping Clothesline. Then he’s left a little room to breathe, and starts to rally. A flurry of punches and 2 arm Drags into a belly-to-back suplex puts Rocky back in the running, but his neck is bothering him. Randy catches Rocky going for a top rope move, and catches him, getting a Superplex on The Rock, both men hitting the mat!
This is when both men need to finish the match off. Randy hits the Draping DDT, and sets up for the RKO, but missing it, as Rock catches Orton, and transitions into a Dragon Screw Leg whip, into the figure four! Randy screams in pain, but shifts the Referee and hits a thumb to the eye. He taunts the crowd a little bit, and turns, but is planted with a spinebuster! Rock has Orton where he wants him. He goes for a People’s Elbow, Randy pops up. RKO, but Rocky spins out, and a Rock Bottom PLANTS Randy Orton. There comes the final nail in the coffin, hitting the people’s elbow and the 1, 2, 3 cements the win for The Rock. He is looking amazing in 2024.
Royal Rumble: January 2024
The Royal Rumble. It comes around once a year, and it makes stars with its winners of either rumble. From Stone Cold and John Cena, to Shinsuke Nakamura and Drew McIntyre. It makes stars, or furthers them. And on the Smackdown after Day 1? The Rock is the opening segment, and is in the Rumble. As for other stars, there were the biggest stars, NXT stars, a lot of others calling their Rumble shot. The Rock had the crowd behind him though, and no one could deny him that.
The Men's Royal Rumble Match
In the ring, there are a handful of stars. Drew McIntyre, Rick Boogs, Ricochet, Kushida, Andre Chase and Odyssey Jones. At number 24, The Rock enters. The crowd roars in cheer, as he enters the ring, and Odyssey Jones, being called a Jabroni, along with all 29 others, goes for Rocky right away. But The Rock can easily hold his own, with a few rights, an Atomic Drop and a Clothesline! Odyssey Jones is out.
Then, Andre Chase hits Rocky from behind, but The Rock doesn’t react. The crowd chanting “You F-ed up” chants, Chase realizes he should have stayed in his classes, and he’s easily tossed over the top by The Rock. He taunts the crowd a bit, but Ricochet slips through the ropes to the Apron, and hits a kick, and a Springboard 450 on The Rock. For now, a lot of the field dislike The Rock, so everyone has their chance, but it is not everyone targeting him at once.
Some people are tossed out. Ricochet is literally yeeted by Brock Lesnar, who also gets Boogs out, as well as an entering LA Knight, but Drew McIntyre gets him out, with some interference from the number 30 entrant: Omos. Who actually gets in the ring, and tosses out everyone he sees: McIntyre, Kushida, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn, who slipped in the ring having hid under the ring, and that left The Rock. Omos just laughed at his punches, and he tossed The Rock around a bit, but he left Rocky time to build energy from the crowd.
Omos gets planted with a Rock Bottom, then a Peoples Elbow! The crowd Erupts twice in a minute! The Rock planted Omos, but then the big man tossed Rocky over the rope! But when The Rock hangs on, Omos runs over, but Rocky drops the rope, slides back in, and hits his signature punch! Omos is out! The Rock wins the Royal Rumble, and has either Dolph Ziggler or Seth Rollins to choose for his opponent!
Elimination Chamber: February 2024
The Raw after the Royal Rumble, The WWE Champion Seth Rollins hits the ring. He calls Omos pathetic for not finishing off The Rock, and out he comes. Omos just tosses Rollins around, and it’s fun and brutal. The Rock then comes out, Seth laying in the ring. And he chooses the WWE Championship.
Elimination Chamber comes around, and The Rock wants to watch the Chamber, but now being on Raw? He scouts the talent. Management picked 4 wrestlers to be in the chamber: Ridge Holland, Bobby Roode, Cesaro and Ricochet will challenge Rollins. But the 5th man? He’s a Surprise.
Over the weeks, all members in the match would face off, beating one another, but Ricochet is the ONLY one to beat Seth Rollins. The Rock made it pretty damn clear, he’s eyeing the winner. The Rock went toe to toe with Roode and Ricochet on Raw in a triple Threat, and picked up a win. Roode makes a vow to win the WWE Title, but the rest of the competitors? Not so sure. Especially when the 5th member interrupts the final hour of Raw, as Roode and Rocky are facing off in the ring….the familiar sound of the former NXT Champion Pete Dunne. This is the 5th man, and he immediately stares down The Rock, once Roode is put down with a Bitter End.
WWE Championship Elimination Chamber
Seth Rollins vs Bobby Roode vs Ricochet vs Cesaro vs Ridge Holland vs Pete Dunne
The match begins with Bobby Roode and Ridge Holland. Roode tries to push Dunne, Cesaro and Rollins out of their pods when he came in, but Holland gets to him and tosses him around a bit. The crowd love the fact Holland is just ragdolling Roode around, chanting for one more round of Roode bouncing off the steel wall of the Chamber.
Pete Dunne comes in next, just as Roode slips away, but Dunne catches him. He and Holland share a look of recognition, back from NXT in 2021. They teamed together, ruining Roode some more, before the pair pin him and send him packing. The pair then circle one another in the ring, but they don’t quite get to face off before Seth Rollins enters the match.
Rollins slips in behind a familiar opponent in Ridge Holland and attacks him from behind. He stomps the hell out of him, then he calls on Dunne to join the assault, but he doesn’t move. Rollins walks over and slaps him in the face, and it’s on. Rollins and Dunne brawled all around the chamber. Holland gets involved, but there’s a moment Ridge and Pete share a shrug, and this turns into a triple threat Brawl. Rollins scampers on top of a pod, but Pete and Ridge make chase. Dunne getting up faster than Holland, and this ends in a double superplex from the top of the pod.
All 3 lay there, as Cesaro enters the mix. Ricochet starts to jump around and warming up in his pod. As Cesaro drives his opponents into the corners, Pete in one, Holland opposite, and Seth is on the outside. The uppercut train driving into Holland and Dunne, but when Holland falls out of the corner due to a push from Rollins, and he springboards, expecting a knee to Cesaro, but is greeted with a harsh uppercut to the jaw. Dunne gets back involved, and Rollins and Holland get into it in the ring. Unfortunately, Rollins puts Holland out of the match with a Ripcord Knee and a phoenix splash.
Ricochet is last to enter, as Dunne, Rollins and Cesaro are brawling, Holland just getting up, as Ricochet dashes up the pod, to the top. He scales the roof like a monkey and does a double backflip from the top of the cell, landing on all 4 men. The crowd erupts, chanting and yelling at the brutality and awesomeness they’re watching. Ricochet and Cesaro team up to take on the bigger threats, as Rollins is swung and Ricochet hits a low drop kick, as commentary make a reference to Tyson Kidd. Cesaro then starts swinging Ricochet, being every man for himself, and swings him 32 times, and locks in a sharpshooter, leaning down really far and tapping Ricochet out.
Dunne is right behind him, and plants him with a Bitter and. As Dunne is getting up, Rollins stomps him, and then Cesaro, covering Cesaro first, he is out. Dunne kicks out though, and the pair continue on brawling. The final moment of the match is Dunne laying in the middle of the ring, Rollins on top of his pod. He turns, setting up for a phoenix splash, then-
The Rock comes to get a closer look, as the crowd chants his name. Dunne starts to stir, as Rollins moves from the edge and starts yelling at Rocky to get out. Dunne slips behind Rollins, and smacks his head against the wall of the chamber, and with a bitter end from the top of the pod, Rollins is pinned. 1, 2, 3. And the new WWE Champion? Pete Dunne. Commentary make this a big deal as at WrestleMania? It is now The Rock challenging Pete Dunne for the WWE Championship, in the main event. But surely, Seth Rollins will have a say in this..
Fastlane: March 2024
The new WWE Champion Pete Dunne is met with a mixed reaction. Some cheered, some boo’d. But one thing that made Dunne cheered in one instant? Seth Rollins. He comes out to the ring, limping and bandaged up, accusing Dunne of stealing the title away. The Rock comes out too, and just blames Rollins for his own loss. And looks forward to meeting Dunne at Wrestlemania. But Seth doesn’t want to be pushed away just yet. Seth wants a shot, but Rocky tells him he lost. Management makes a match for Fastlane: The Rock vs Seth Rollins. If Rollins wins? He is in the match at Wrestlemania, making it a Triple Threat Match.
The weeks leading to Fastlane are The Rock and Seth Rollins challenging one another, but mainly Rollins claiming he’s better at something than Rocky is. Rocky wins a Beat the Clock challenge, but Rollins wins more falls in a 30 minute Iron Man Match on Raw from their chosen opponent. They have a Contract Signing in which Rollins sneaks a low blow, and puts Rocky through the table. With Rollins getting the last laugh before Fastlane.
The Rock vs Seth Rollins
The pair are wary of one another. They have faced one another several times, but not with this much on the line. Rollins tries to sweep the leg, but is met with a kick to the face. Rock also attempts a Rock Bottom, but Rollins shifts it into an arm drag! The pair kip up, and stare at one another. The pair start to chat some trash, and Rollins starts to get close and looks to get in his face. The palm is raised in the face of Seth, and…he’s confused. He looked around his hand…but Rocky moved it back in his face. As Rollins looks to be getting annoyed, and Rocky flips his hand over, to what we all know as the ‘bring it’ gesture, using all his fingers to motion his close.
Rollins is furious, and for all his attacks for a while, Rocky is on top. As The Rock realises he has the upper hand, and starts to toy with Rollins, But Seth is smart, and uses this to his advantage, and takes out the leg of The Rock. And he works Rocky’s leg. And despite his attempts, Seth keeps on top of it, making sure he’s working the leg.
Rocky gets back into the match with an atomic drop followed by a clothesline, and then the comeback begins. With Suplexes, clotheslines, and even a superplex from the top, but then Rollins hits a Falcon Arrow FROM Rocky’s Superplex! Both men are down, and Both men start to look to end it. Rock bottom attempts, Stomp attempts, People’s Elbows reversed into Superkicks as Rock hits the Ropes, and then Rollins goes for a Ripcord Knee, but Rocky hits a Spinebuster, but hits 1 side, and then just drops the Elbow! Then with a Rock Bottom and the 1, 2, 3, Rocky gets his 1 on 1 match with Pete Dunne at Wrestlemania!
Wrestlemania: April 2024
It’s finally time. Wrestlemania, the final push. The Rock had been in matches at Wrestlemania before, for titles, in tag teams, but this was the biggest opportunity of his entire career. And it’s made clear by Pete Dunne over the few weeks before Mania that The Rock has never beaten him. And a flashback through the weeks to Rocky’s failed attempts in NXT to beat him made it tense, and as close as Rocky came to beating him? He never did.
The Rock did try to get the jump on Pete over the few weeks, as he pushed his buttons about his family, but Rock NEVER got the best of Pete Dunne, and Dunne never had help. As the crowds had some doubt, the roars for Rocky never dimmed. The social media boom for The Rock. And when Wrestlemania came around? It was The Bruiserweight vs The People’s Champion.
The Rock vs Pete Dunne - WWE Championship
Rocky started off…surprisingly calm about everything. Dunne waited, almost expecting him to charge in and just attack. He then got angry, and charged in himself, but is stopped, the same way Rollins was before him with the Palm up, halting his movement, and taunting Pete…but then ends up having his fingers grabbed and cracked.
The match then picks up... big time. Rocky gets some offense, so does Pete, but Rock started to be dominated with Dunne’s Limb Manipulation, and submissions to purely bring in pain to Rock, and Pete showed weakness of the main limbs being bent and cracked the way he didn’t know they could, but then he got confident, and went for the ending from their last meeting in NXT. Dunne grabs The Rock for as a Bitter End, and spits on The Rock. And the eruption of Boo’s from the crowd, and Rocky felt the fuel. So, unlike any encounter before, Rocky managed to break the set-up for The Bitter End, and The Rock, The People’s Champion, changed. He was about to kick some ass, and Dunne knew there was nothing he could do about it. The comeback we come to know and love happened once more, and the People’s Elbow was dropped. And after a back and forth, hitting all signature moves possible, an X-Plex was reversed, Rocky flips out into a Rock Bottom. The arena shakes with the crowd feeling the end of the unlucky saga for The Rock, and with the count, the Crowd went silent….1…….2……..3! And with the final time the ref’s hand hits the mat, the chaotic roars of the crowd doubled, even tripled. The Rock had done it. The Crowd were so excited for The People’s Reign as WWE Champion, and the celebration begins.
2024 had officially become the year of The Rock, and it wasn’t even finished yet.
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2021.12.01 16:05 como-8849 [WTS] Tudor Black Bay GMT "Pepsi"

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2021.12.01 16:05 journalingginger Gingerbread Man Watercolour. Day 1 of Drawcember

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2021.12.01 16:05 chippity-chirpity wow how convenient /s

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2021.12.01 16:05 Sweep145 New climate models reveals Rainfall in Arctic could be replaced by Snowfall by 2060

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2021.12.01 16:05 alfred_schlieffen waiting (im)patiently for the 0.05% gang meetup 😤

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2021.12.01 16:05 JAB08199 Underground Slates

Not sure if this has been said before but...
I'm not here to bad mouth the game or start an argument about goods/bads or anything...
But man did they miss such a cool opportunity to be able to dig up the slates underground instead of being able to buy them for materials. Finding the materials feels meh in my opinion but imagine the hype and excitement of FINALLY finding that one slate you've been searching for since the endgame. Did they do it this way to just make it easier on the young ones or something?
Maybe it's just me but finding the shards is kind of a letdown. I'm really enjoying the game and of course, there's stuff everyone wishes was different. but like I said, digging up the shards is just kinda meh for me. Maybe I just enjoy the underground too much. Anyone else feel the same? Or am I just overthinking it?
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