What to do with 70 webcams?

2021.12.01 16:04 obsidianhoax What to do with 70 webcams?

I won a box of 70 webcams (Amcrest ProHD 1080p) in an auction for 5 dollars. What can I do with these other than sell them off?
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2021.12.01 16:04 Darkelysiumm I looked in the forums to see if I could find it but couldnt find anything specifically on this. Everytime I go to load my fizzing machine this shows up but I can't load it in and it's not there when I look in inventory. Has anyone ever had this glitch? I've never had it before.

I looked in the forums to see if I could find it but couldnt find anything specifically on this. Everytime I go to load my fizzing machine this shows up but I can't load it in and it's not there when I look in inventory. Has anyone ever had this glitch? I've never had it before. submitted by Darkelysiumm to Sims4 [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 16:04 Level_Ad_9518 🌌 $SHIBALAXY ~ Get Shiba to the moon and beyond! ~ Just launched ~ Ownership renounced & liq locked | Dont Miss Out !

$SHIBALAXY is currently sitting at $10k market cap at the time of this post, but no doubt it will have risen since then. The token is growing at an increasing rate due to the website launch and rapidly growing community.

Hodlers are rewarded with this token, so the earlier you get in, the better. The tokenomics are written below, so it's recommended you get yourself familiar with those before getting into the coin.


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2021.12.01 16:04 SnooTangerines4806 [PS5][DemonsSouls][Help][SL127][NG+2] need to kill invaders to raise my world tendency

Password is Bingus and waiting at archstone in world 4-1
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2021.12.01 16:04 jadado The quote is 100% right

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2021.12.01 16:04 Kens-Orca17 A friend told me to send it here

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2021.12.01 16:04 NoCompetition2449 Misconduct

So from my previous post as expected I’ve been summoned for minor misconduct suprise surpise the truth is this just a way of managing me out as the alleged offence is not as bad as what others have done in my office. My name and reputation have been tarnished and I feel there’s no going back I’m just one more complaint for something like “gross misconduct” my colleagues make me feel on edge.
Should I resign ?
I’m laughing and crying all at once
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2021.12.01 16:04 Nawr How to Catch SHAYMIN Early Guide in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

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2021.12.01 16:04 Inside_Reality6356 Losing the V-card

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2021.12.01 16:04 Ok-Investigator3257 Is fragile, frustrating, opaque build automation just par for the course these days?

I work in embedded software for context. I may be coming off as an old fart but seriously it seems like “automagical” scripting has taken over, and it drives me crazy. Like great you have a tool like box that can auto check out for repos and set up tool chains and environments….until you run a fit pull and the got hashes update and mix fails. Is nix easy to understand? Somewhat, but a lot of it is hidden behind “this stuff just works!” If it doesn’t just re run the same 5 commands. The same goes for automagical build systems that go set up environments using stacks of python files that dynamically update and alter files that then eventually 3 python files deep runs make on a make file so mangled and unreadable it is useless.
Seriously. Automagical systems are great when you have a finalized product that won’t change, but come on, what the hell happened to just bash and make. These systems all seem super fragile and prone to “it was developed to do X and if you need it to do X+Y you need to figure out how to change code developers never expected a human to touch (or read) so good fucking luck lol” (looking at you ninja) which makes development and debugging (where you often have to change things for a one off hell. Am I just an old salty dev? Or am I on to something here
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2021.12.01 16:04 dogcum666 MTN DEW Gingerbread Snap'd

Anyone able to send me some bottles of this? I'm dying to try it and cant find it anywhere in my location.
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2021.12.01 16:04 bortisisimo Vapor place

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2021.12.01 16:04 TaderDot_93 Systems admins. How many calls or customer interactions do you typically have in a day?

Trying to move out of the help desk side of things. I have autism so constantly being bombarded with calls is very mentally and physically exhausting for me especially in the days where I’m basically mute due to being overwhelmed.
I know that systems administrators still have a little bit of “customer” interaction but is it just as bad as help desk or is it mostly answering emails and doing in-person things?
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2021.12.01 16:04 DrowzeeElBrownie Lamborghini Huracán Performante | FH5

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2021.12.01 16:04 hakalt Dark Trap Beat w/ Cinematic vibes - "Zero Gravity" | Instrumental 2021

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2021.12.01 16:04 OtherwiseAd2555 For heterosexual males, which male celebrity is your man crush?

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2021.12.01 16:04 Lowlight9393 On a taper and need a sanity check

Four years ago I slightly tapered from 4mg Xanax to maybe 1mg and then just jumped cold turkey from there. The withdrawal was fucking awful, of course. Dry heaves, delirious panic, etc. I frankly never really improved to where I could get to sleep very well, but I did eventually get to a point where I my sleep is mostly normal. Anxiety is basically always high, but that’s life I guess CBT, exercise, proper nutrition, and TRT has helped a lot.
Anyway, three months ago I got covid and it seemingly amplified all. The neurological symptoms of anxiety I live with. It was bad and I told my doctor as much. He wrote me for Lorazepam, 3mg/day. For the last three months, like an idiot, I’ve taken 1mg at bed time to get to sleep. The first thing I noticed right of the bat is mild closed-eye visual disturbances and weird hypnagogic sensations such as the sensation of electrical pulses in my brain/body.
About a month ago I began experiencing eye and muscle twitching and low grade headaches all day along with slightly blurred vision and extreme brain foginess. One week ago I reduced from 1mg to 0.5mg nightly, and intend to taper that again to 0.25mg in a week or so.
So my question is this: I’ve been down this withdrawal road before but I don’t remember much of it (I don’t remember much of those years of my life tbh). I’m a hypochondriac (and probably slightly ocd) and I’m starting to obsess over the following symptoms:

Some of this is actually slightly better since reducing my dose, but I’m beginning to obsess over having ALS or MS or something. I could just use a sanity check on this stuff from someone. Given my past use of Xanax @ 4mg I didn’t think Ativan @ 1mg would be this bad. I mean I’m not dry heaving like I was when I quit Xanax but still.
Thanks for reading.
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2021.12.01 16:04 geekorch DMs who use music - Do you prefer your Ambient SFX and music on same track or separate?

This would not apply to “one shot” SFX like spell sounds, shouts, swords clashing, and the like.
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2021.12.01 16:04 pintoman89 Henry 45-70

So I got a Henry 45-70 reciever and lower tang Henry refuses to sell me parts to assemble my gun so I’d like to build the most ugly pos Henry possible any ideas just so I can say brought to you in part by Henry
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2021.12.01 16:04 sjgokou ‘Market Ledger’ an All-inclusive Crypto Investment Platform will Disrupt the Blockchain Space ⚡️Powered By MoonX - Coinmarketcap Alternative 💎

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2021.12.01 16:04 Nqth_ I struggle at pronunciation quite a lot. How do I say the R's ?

(/How to train at saying R's ?)
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2021.12.01 16:04 wholelottahate19 What club song was bigger?

she hit the floor (she hit the floor) next thing ya know, shawty got low low low low low low (cmon)
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2021.12.01 16:04 ShortAlgo $CTAS Waiting for Short signal .

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2021.12.01 16:04 timmah612 In a last person alive scenario, could a single person repopulate with the frozen genetic material we have for fertility clinics?

Dark thought. What would happen if in this scenario, a woman went to a sperm bank and impregnated herself. Is there any way that the species could, through incredible amounts of test tube babies, and or careful reproductive planning, reestablish itself? Would the almost inevitable incest make it doomed from.the start or is there a chance that despite inbreeding, there could be a stable population again, capable of consistent growth.
How would sperm bank samples from multiple men play into the gene pool with only one mother? Could you save samples long enough to use on future generations of women for long enough to establish some sort of genetic diversity?
What careeprofessional/gender would have the best chance of reestablishing the human species with the leftover sperm and eggs we have in hospitals or whatever for fertility treatments, to a point that stable, safe population growth would be possible.
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2021.12.01 16:04 StoneAge_Productions The Christmas countdown is finally here!! 🎄 Short videos uploaded everyday during the festive month of December - Follow the link to gain access to your first video advent.. 🎁

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