Málem ne dostal stannnnnn!!


2021.10.19 15:13 Appropriate_Army_985 Málem ne dostal stannnnnn!!

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2021.10.19 15:13 Ahmedelgohary94 ❤️

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2021.10.19 15:13 2busty Elecktra AKA Elecktra23Live at OnlyFans

Processing img q10yvnk8peu71...
Follow her at https://onlyfans.com/elecktra23live Follow 2B https://onlyfans.com/busty2
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2021.10.19 15:13 newsfeedmedia Boris unveils plan for Green Britain… but at what cost?

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2021.10.19 15:13 deadpeni5 How does different shapes affect pop?

Hi everyone! The only tricks I can do are heelflips, ollies and fs 180, fakie heel and nollies. This past year my primary trick has been the nollie and I can now nollie over 2 boards. I'm getting a new deck soon and was wondering whether certain shapes would be better for nollie tricks. I don't expect anything to make a huge difference, but even a small edge would be much welcome.
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2021.10.19 15:13 PirateBeany Help me name that movie: B&W, ocean liner, telegram?

I'm trying to identify a movie I saw years ago. It was a B&W comedy, partially set on an ocean liner. In the scene I remember, the main male character A wants to send a telegram back home to deliver news, and side-character B is trying to stop him (possibly for his own good). B successfully persuades A to cut down telegram contents word by word -- using logic like "why waste money including your name? who else would it be from?" -- until it's completely anonymous & uninformative.
I'm pretty sure it's not a Marx brothers film, and not Anything Goes, though it could easily have been a musical. Any suggestions appreciated!
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2021.10.19 15:13 cemozancetintas 'is it over yet' my first animation is on hicetnunc

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2021.10.19 15:13 jordandavis97 Fit Check?

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2021.10.19 15:13 BallsDeepInPoon Locked Belts Help

I don’t know where else to look and I might be an idiot for not finding it but I cannot figure out how to unlock the belts and sell them. They’re starting to clutter my backpack pretty bad and it’s getting frustrating. I did put disable autolock of belts so hopefully any new belts I get will be unlocked but I still don’t know how to sell my current ones that are still locked. Any help would be great!
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2021.10.19 15:13 Unhappy_Job7619 What is the biggest fictional thing ever built?

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2021.10.19 15:13 newsfeedmedia Gaming: World’s smallest console is the same size as a POSTAGE STAMP-but is fully functional

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2021.10.19 15:13 JandresSeventeen Jade Cargill's name update

I'll keep Jade Cargill's name, mainly because I put all the names they gave me in the comments on a random selection page, and I choose Jade Cargill lmao, but continuing with that, I also stole from AEW Anna Jay and Hikaru Shida (I am at war with them but I am not trying to steal their entire list, I'm only signing those who run out of contract with AEW, mainly because many of their new signings don't have Exclusive Written contracts & I wanna keep it a little realistic, or just fair), and I wanna do the same thing that I did to chose Jade's name, so if anybody has an idea of a name to give for any of them, it would be amazing. (also, if you guys want to see more of my save tell me if you want to see my PPV results)
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2021.10.19 15:13 sparkit420 Gensler on squawk on the street in next few minutes

Supposed to talk about "the" report.
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2021.10.19 15:13 No-Growth-671 “You don’t watch college football” Big T screamed at the guy who co-hosts a football podcast

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2021.10.19 15:13 J_walke3r This whole AMC vs GME melodramatic fight proves how money ruins people

Nobody has gotten any real money yet but are acting entitled and snobby.
And is not just the subs pinning against each other. That same antagonistic tone happens between members of each sub.
I feel like the majority are so desperate to believe they’ll become millionaires they’ll shit on anyone and anything that disrupts their illusions. Get a fucking grip.
If this report shows anything is how the government is also in on this- yet yalll want be retarded and go at each other’s throats for petty reasons.
Can’t wait for this shit show to be over because this is toxic greed masked by solidarity.
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2021.10.19 15:13 newsfeedmedia Putting the fear of death into people could be the best way to get them to exercise, study claims

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2021.10.19 15:13 _Sarsaparilla_ Does Night Lord relic Sormbolt Plate trigger One with the Shadows to always be active?

Stormbolt plate provides the bearer with a 2+ save and always counts as being in cover, despite being in/on a terrain feature or not. The warlord trait One with the Shadows does the following, "When resolving an attack made against this WARLORD whilst they are entirely on or within a terrain feature, add 1 to the saving throw (not invuln saving throw)" but then provides, " Whilst this WARLORD is entirely on or within a terrain feature, improve its invulnerable save by 1, to a maximum of 3+"
The stormbolt plate states that it counts as being in cover, not being on terrain feature or not. Does that mean that cover and terrain are interchangeable words? It does not state which benefit of cover it receives, all? Light? Heavy? Desnse? It is just confusing me and I do not feel like waiting for this to be answered in an FAQ, if ever. Thank you for your help!
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2021.10.19 15:13 Swagmaybe13 Melon is cool. This is for me and also for all my friends.

My friends and I just love to get together, sing, have fun and also shoot content. We're young. We keep up with the times. And here we recently got acquainted with Melon. It's a thrill. Melon https://melon.ooo/ is the first platform to transform viral content from leading authors around the world into rare collectible assets. There are cool creators here. They just have a lot of subscribers on the networks. And these creators are here! And their most popular social moments turned into collectible NFTs Now we can buy these collections as NFT and trade them, keep them like a coin. and stacked creators, this is a guarantee of a quick profit!
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2021.10.19 15:13 slothhiccup I don't know what's wrong with me, and i feel like i should know

I have had depression for the majority of my almost seventeen year long life, and always knew what was wrong with me. my family is fucked, emotionally absent and abusive father, mother who is mentally and chronically ill and most likely is a narcissist and also abusive, sexual assault at the ages six and seven, constant sexual harrassment from men around me, i know that that has mentally fucked me up quite severly.
but lately life has been more quiet than ever. I've been in a really healthy relationship for the past three years, i've started going to therapy to resolve all of my past trauma, started medication for my depression, school is fine, work is fine but exhausting, and i generally don't have a lot to complain about.
yet, i feel like my life is not how it's supposed to be. I'm in a very depressive episode atm and since school started a few months ago, i've been flaking a lot, staying home at least once a week. i'm emotionally very messed up, very few things excite me, i'm sad most of the time for no appearant reason, and get irritated very easily. As per usual my mother isn't very understanding of my situation and makes all my emotional balast about herself, and she keeps pushing me to make an apppointment with my therapist so that she doesnt have to deal with all of me herself.
usually these episodes last only a few months, but i've been dealing with this almost since the start of the year and cant seem to figure out what is the matter with me. i usually have some sort of catalyst for these types of emotions and feelings, but this is seemingly coming out of nowhere.
my emotions feel so unjustified for not finding what is really bothering me, and my surroundings telling me i have to know what is up is really making it difficult for me to get better on my own terms.
i just really don't know what to do.
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2021.10.19 15:13 urmotherfigure more art on paper

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2021.10.19 15:13 Indian_FireFly Planning of creating a discord group for serious aspirants (CAT 2022)

Just a small group to share doubts and keep each other motivated. But, main purpose is accountability. Most people give up on that after sometime, I wanna try to keep the spirits going for over an year :p
Would be preferable if you are working as well. If interested, comment and I'll send you the link in dm
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2021.10.19 15:13 Aggravating-Stand754 Abidah and the cockroaches

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2021.10.19 15:13 newsfeedmedia Ed Sheeran cuts a casual figure as he leaves private members’ club in west London

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2021.10.19 15:13 Micwhiz1 Does This Mean I Have An Audience On YouTube

I just want a honest opinion from other YouTuber, My Total Views From Subscribers Is 45% And My Total Views From Non Subscribers Is 55%, please 🙏 does this mean I have an audience
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2021.10.19 15:13 3dpdeals [Amazon - Printer] TRONXY XR-3 SE printer/laser engraver w/ 1kg PETG ($208.72) - Coupon, special offers, and promo code

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