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2021.10.19 14:54 Borlip Albert Einstein

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2021.10.19 14:54 Maleficent_Pie_4388 Wip of Susie’s Halloween costume

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2021.10.19 14:54 Grasyl Bessamatic - Color Skopar-X 50mm f2.8 - Kentmere 100 @ 50 Iso in Rodinal

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2021.10.19 14:54 Lundennissen Russia, St Petersburg

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2021.10.19 14:54 _MetalDude_ Waking up to Figure in my Room

This happened when I was 10 or 11 years old. We lived in a pretty remote part of Limburg, a province in Belgium, near the Dutch and German borders. My parents' house was rather isolated, being situated in a sort of forest. Now, there were and are no really big forests anymore in my country. Civilization has nibbled them away these lost few hundred years, but still, as a kid.. to me that wooded area felt like it was the gateway to an immense forest filled with wolves and bears.
People would call it a cozy place, but I can tell you.. every time it was storming outside you'd think you were in the middle of a horror movie. Trees and branches going all over the place and even ticking the window. As a kid - and let's be honest here, even now as a grown ass man - you didn't wanna get caught out there when it was dark and stormy weather was having its way. So, there was always this feeling of doom and horror surrounding the place. But then again, I was a kid who watched way too much television, so this can hardly be called a surprise.
However, The story I'm about to tell happened on a calm night. It wasn't raining, nor was there a strong wind. It must have happened somewhere in october or november, because it wasn't cold outside and night was already falling fairly early, so I figure it must have been in one of these two months. It was the early 1990's and this big bearded fellow typing this story was still a very small boy at the time.
I was having a dream. I don't remember what that dream was about, but it wasn't a nightmare. D'you know the feeling when you shift from deep dreaming to lucid dreaming? Where things happening in your surroundings start dripping into your dream, as if these things become part of your dream?
Well, in my dream I suddenly felt a cool breeze and because my bed sheets got pulled a little bit I entered a new fase: the waking up from a dream fase. I felt a presence and I remember thinking to myself "mom is waking me up" and in that moment, I instantly opened my eyes, fully expecting to see my mom standing by my bed.
Sure enough, someone was standing by my bed
But it wasn't my mom
I opened my eyes and looked straight into a black figure with red, glowing eyes, standing/sitting or hovering on/over the far side of my bed. That thing was watching me!! I can still see those red, flaming-like eyes. Typing this down gives me instant goose bumps again. I feel those shivers all over again. My bed was right next to the window and the window was open aswell.. with the curtains moving around because of a gentle wind breeze. That THING came through my window and was in my room, looking at me while I was sleeping!!!
I start screaming and jumped straight up in bed. Then it dawned on me.. I was only now really waking up. There was no black creature to be seen anywhere. I saw that thing in my dream and was now awake! Phewww. That feeling of relief was to die for!
But as my mom and dad were rushing into my room (yeah, I yelled the entire house out of their sleep) I noticed my window was really open! It had been unlocked and was wide open, just like it looked in my dream, with the curtains gently moving and all. My dad tried to close the window again but noticed that it was pushed open from the outside. The lock was forced and broken. No big surprise, but I spend the rest of that night in my parents' bed... and the night after... and the night after that...
My parents told me I had a bad dream and I was smart enough to know that they were right. I just had a bad dream. Like my grandma always says: never eat icecream before going to bed. You'll have crazy dreams. I've always been a sucker for icecream. It explains the weight I'm carrying around.
It wasn't until a year or so later that this whole experience came back with a vengeance to bite me up the ass. One day I was at school and the kids in my class were picking on a classmate of mine. They were singing songs about him being a chicken sh*t and a big baby. Turned out the kid hadn't been to school in two days because something had happened to him. Apparentely he woke up one night to a black, hazy figure in his bed room. The creature had flashy red eyes and he was certain he was going to die. The poor kid sh*t his pants when it happened and now everybody was making fun of him.
Everyone but me. I can't begin to describe the feelings that were taking over. I felt so scared. The entire experience came back to me and I felt physically sick for a moment. Felt like the air got knocked out of my lungs. I didn't dare to say anything, so I never told that other boy I shared a very similar experience. I also never heard anything like this eversince, nor have I ever experienced anything like this again.
One thing always bothered me though. Why wasn't my dad more concerned when he noticed someone or something had violatly opened my bedroom window? It was locked from the inside and was forced open by a force from the outside.
I also tried to google my experience later on in life but there's nothing to be found about this. I still think I was dreaming, it even felt like I was dreaming at that moment, but how is it possible that a kid from the same village experienced almost the exact same dream/experience only a few months later?
This is still the scariest thing that ever happened to me and I'm not even sure if it really happened. I'm kind of wondering.. did anyone else have a comparable experience?
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2021.10.19 14:54 Ryothicuscis Literally Alex YIIK

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2021.10.19 14:54 lookatmyabsbro U/LL11LL2 IS saying nfr crow can easily get frost dragon

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2021.10.19 14:54 Sea-Relationship8600 Horny girl is happy in lesbian action. Full video link in comments 🔥🔥🔥

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2021.10.19 14:54 redbric How many of you have put pricing/quotation calculators on your websites? How useful is it?

I run a small customised bulk gifting business. I'm debating whether to put a static pricing or a pricing / quotation calculator on my website.
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2021.10.19 14:54 Mystery_meander25 ITAP of a mural on a foggy morning.

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2021.10.19 14:54 Dismal_Egg_6851 Good long term jobs?

First time post so I apologize if I break any rules here. I am 22F and was diagnosed at the age of 9, have been on and off meds ever since. Into my adulthood I have struggled to stay in college and find a job that sticks for me. What are some good fields that I could look into working in that doesn’t involve food service/waitressing (have consistently done that since the age of 15 and I am tired of working for tips, I would rather my job actually pay me). Willing to enroll in a shorter program or do some schooling (think max 2 years) but struggle with long term programs. I also find myself fixating on one potential career and then dropping it quickly because it gets boring after a while. Anyone have any suggestions? I know I have the potential to do so much and I feel this is standing in the way of a lot of my long term goals. How do I know if this is a short term fixation or something I am actually interested in?
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2021.10.19 14:54 Daemonscharm Anyone here with kids have them showing a budding interest in wrestling?

My oldest daughter only really cares for Jade Cargill, Ruby, Rosa and Chelsea Green but it's still really cool watching her stop what she's doing to see women wrestle. My son on the other hand has been BEGGING to watch more since we only watch Dynamite, Rampage, and Impact but he has absolutely fallen in love with Punk and PAC
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2021.10.19 14:54 Xwang1976 Lenovo miix 720 2 in 1

Hi to all,
I have just bought a Lenovo miix 720 2 in1 which is very similar to a surface pro.
I'm going to use it to read pdf using calibre and okular.
I've already set up a dual boot with windows (which I use to keep on my linux laptop just in case) and arch linux (which I'm using on my laptop since 2015 at least) with KDE (which is my preferred DE since I started using linux in 2004) and gnome.
Should I use the surface kernel too?
In the last two days I've found the following things:
1) systemd-boot seems not to work (I've to investigate better way)
2) grub works, but I can select a different menu entry only if the keyboard is connected (apparently no on screen keyboard is available at boot time even though the BIOS is fully touchscreen compatible)
3) sddm does not show the virtual keyboard, so I'm using GDM instead
4) KDE looks better with wayland than with xorg, but I did not manage to have a working virtual keyboard
5) Gnome works pretty well, but
a) its keyboard does not have ctrl, tab, arrows key, F1-F12 keys and so it is difficult to use it when you need a konsole. Is it possible to set it to display a complete keyboard?
b) the keyboard does not automatically pop up when I touch an editable field (the konsole, firefox address), but I can activate it with a swipe
c) the keyboard goes on top of opened windows so when I have a maximized Konsole, the keyboard covers what I'm typing
d) the lenovo pen is recognized with pressure level too, but only one button is available instead of two (maybe I have to configure it better)
e) the screen does not rotate automatically, but if I rotate suing the settings, screen, and touchscreen seems to rotate correclty without me doing anything special.

Is there a way to configure KDE to work well in tablet mode?
Do you have any similar issues with GNOME? Is there a way to solve/improve them?
Is there a way to have GNOME look like KDE (with a lower panel, tray icon, menu, and single desktop/activity)?
I hope you can help me or give me some guidance.
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2021.10.19 14:54 PiyanoResitali Chopin: Preludes, Op.28: Prelude No. 20 in C Minor

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2021.10.19 14:54 ShortAlgoBear The chart is demonstrating a bullish pattern. Waiting for short signal on $MSEX with UltraAlgo.

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2021.10.19 14:54 XOundercover My game got corrupted

After a while of not using my PC my ssd decided to kill one and only one file
The main.cs file
code doesn't make any sense anymore
Any way someone could send me a copy of the code?
I don't want to re-install the entire thing again, and lose my stuff.
Could someone send me the code in a text file? It's the easiest solution, I think.
Internet is slow as balls here, so re-installing everything is going to take literal days.
Can someone help?
-guy with cheap ssd
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2021.10.19 14:54 _Jordan1705 hello reddit

do you believe we can achieve common prosperity, or are the 1% going to keep capitalising on us

if anyone is interested in a non-profit cryptocurrency coin that will help towards achieving common prosperity, please get in touch
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2021.10.19 14:54 catmeowcutie Facial contouring with filler (swipe to view more)

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2021.10.19 14:54 teleworker Localization Specialist - eLearning/VR Contact (remote, freelance/contract)

" You’ll work with a localization team to fully localize Interplay Learning’s content library for other English speaking regions around the world. "
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2021.10.19 14:54 apheatfsdshs A fictional tank, the EX-21 Obsidian

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2021.10.19 14:54 SnooCakes3906 history of color film! watch today

here lets watch and know the history of color film!

like share and subscribe!
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2021.10.19 14:54 reddit_feed_bot Breitbart: Nolte: Photos Show L.A. Press Club Violating Local Mask Mandate

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2021.10.19 14:54 IamDTrickster Legs

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2021.10.19 14:54 MWPerspective Nikon Z7ii - Body Armor - Smallrig Full Cage

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