2021.10.19 14:05 Think-Opposite5469 Cursed_porn

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2021.10.19 14:05 Viking_blud93 Anyone know if anyone makes skins / wraps for the BeQuiet! 500DX tower? I got the white and wanted to make it look meaner

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2021.10.19 14:05 iaxeuanswerme UAE ranks fourth best country in the world to live and work

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2021.10.19 14:05 omikron898 Card to retrain

Is it fixed yet
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2021.10.19 14:05 pulpuplulp Music terraforms you / sixth-tone harmonium

Music terraforms you.
Plucking and rearranging neural synapses, permeated by the spring of the inspired composer’s mind, which is open like a vast sea. All smell, sensation, sight and idea swirling within, forming shapes of definable coordinates, which you and I can see when we close our eyes in St. Agnes’ convent, wherein the musician lets the very same shapes and their origin overtake him, fingers in free motion, for the pattern within him is so embedded, so known and felt, that through him - now a vehicle to the spring’s pulsating flow - sound is conjured with such prowess that its newborn power and resonance gush all the way to our ear, darling.
Do you wonder what happens next?
“Sh…. don’t ask.”
Close your eyes for me; let the people around you cease existing; their gaze upon you and yours upon them. Rest your body and forget about that too. Let darkness submerge you. There, a delicately crafted dreamscape will reveal its fundamental tones. Overtones in colours! ever changing spectra, surprising like raging waves in their uncanny continuity.
You’re not asleep, darling, you’re just not here anymore.
Do you see that tilted chord - over there! It’s lurking in from under the alien gradients that led you into your quiet trance.. A purple ooze about to consume the deep blackness of leaden threads.
And from there a new image arises; it contains you wholly; bath-ed in the alchemy - primordial magic - of the vibrations you’ve let yourself embody.
Don’t let go just yet, I can hear your thoughts, I can feel the gravitational pull that you’re about to give into. There, push it aside, it’s irrelevant: it reduces immensity into nothing but a tiny grain. In this boundless space, soil is dusted with opulent seed. In its shyness, when looked upon, it disappears.
I know it’s hard, my darling, but from the seed’s magnificent plant blossoms a most nutritious fruit - if and only if it is left unobserved, dancing along these leaden threads, oozing liquids, beams of light; so much so to send shivers down your electrifi-ed spine.
And when the last note’s echo finally comes to stand still, open your eyes, breathe, and sit calmly for me. Then take a walk through the lantern-lit streets of the Old Town. Under the rain and in the cold; the more reason to hold - to hold - to hold - to take it all in.
Stay still darling, get some good sleep. In the morrow, I promise, yours will be an invigorated mind: now less worried about the precipices of time; your sight alight, your soul ablaze; ideas gathered and ready for play - composing new vectors to realign the course of your diverg-ed stride. Such and such might seem so little; but look no further and come hither; I can’t stand to see you in wastefulness, also dully bitter. “Sound always guided me to better places,” he murmured.
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2021.10.19 14:05 lima9090 important read (and list!): landlords in Richmond that discrimate against renters trying to use housing vouchers

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2021.10.19 14:05 sssanchxz What is the max # of stars you can get on your league card?

I already have 7 but I'm curious if there's still some I'm missing. I haven't completed my curry dex yet so maybe that also increases the stars?
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2021.10.19 14:05 youreaditfirst HIVE please give me honey baby 🐝🐝🐝🍯🍯🍯

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2021.10.19 14:05 funkymyname HOLY SHIT #3: Citadel was falling apart during the sneeze

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2021.10.19 14:05 poke000 Podcast episode where there is unresolved tension between the host and co-host/guest, but then gets resolved later?

I want some podcast drama. I want to see that there is clearly something up, and they try to act like it's nothing, until finally one of them addresses it. The resolution could be in the episode, or a later one.
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2021.10.19 14:05 atypicaltype Failed my motorcycle riding test for overthinking a street light

It changed to amber at an awkward moment and I hesitated to go through it built ultimately decided to. I thought stopping at that point would have been too sudden, but then again what if it isn't?? But wait, it is! Better run through it, afterall it isn't red yet! But what if the examiner behind thinks I should have stopped? No wait, what if he thinks I stopped too suddenly? He'll fail me for that! Let's just go!
Well, fuck that. Now I feel like my life is stuck and will be for nearly a month until, god help me, I'll be taking my test again, in the meantime leaving me into a state of being unable to do anything, unable to feel joy for anything, and only able to beat myself up for this.
So yeah this sucks. No news there.
The test becomes more keeping your brain at bay rather than maintaining your awareness of the road and control of your vehicle. Good luck with that.
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2021.10.19 14:05 WhatTheJeffreyFuck Odds we get an absolute jam of a Blackie tribute song on the new album?

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2021.10.19 14:05 WowpowKerchoo Daily Pearl #1093-Lovely Line Art

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2021.10.19 14:05 Ok_Board9424 AMERICAN SHIBA🐕 | $USHIBA | Best Dog Coin Community🦊 | 8300 HOLDERS STRONG 💪| NFT Market Place🎨 + Swap + Farm Staking + Charity Funds 😇| 2% Redistribution on all Transactions 💥

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As holders of the USHIBA token, you're part of a community that is at the center of the DEFI movement. In addition, you are rewarded with a 2% redistribution that comes from each transaction. The reward is distributed proportionally, so the more USHIBA you hold, the more rewards you earn.
✨ Tokenomics ✨
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👤 Proof of Renounced Ownership :
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2021.10.19 14:05 Get_assist It is, what it is

It is, what it is
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2021.10.19 14:05 Samrajah Smells like a whole bouquet!

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2021.10.19 14:05 Sea_Blacksmith_7228 ⚛️ REWARD HUOBI TOKEN ⚛️ Stealth Launch ⚛️ Listed On PancakeSwap ⚛️ Liquidity locked ⚛️

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☑️ We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:
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☑️ We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.19 14:05 ramenallmylife 28 [F4M] Kausap para magising 😂

Hello! Naghahanap lang akong makausap online kasi ang hirap mag interact ngayon. Nagkakasawaan na rin ata kami ng mga barkada ko. De joke lang. Hahah!
About me: Di pa ata ako ready makipagmeet irl but we'll see soon. Mabilis akong magreply lalo na pag nagclick Makulit at ma-joke (so sorry na kung maoffend ko kayo) Lagi din akong gising sa gabi
About you: Hindi namimilit pag sinabi kong ayoko. 😊 28yo and above
Chat me na lang if interesado hahahahah
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2021.10.19 14:05 gakiji47 What that one film that everyone hated but you liked?

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2021.10.19 14:05 chrisjamessmitty Anyone interested In a wickr room?
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2021.10.19 14:05 Ne147 Caretaker is ingame

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2021.10.19 14:05 Newkid92 Fibroids vs Cyst when to see a doctor !?

When did you decide your call your doctor?
History: i have had issues in the past with cyst. The only reason i know about the cyst is because i had horrible pain and went to the ER and they did the MRI and saw free fluid in the pelvic area explaining thats what it was. Another time I thought i had ovarian cyst - seen my obgy had an ultrasound and the found a giant cyst BUT not on my ovaries it was in lining of my stomach and was so big they couldn't remove it laparoscopically they had to open me up.
When i was pregnant the one doctor told me i had a small fibroid then i never heard another thing about it - that was at my 10 week appointment. I went on to have an emergency c section and i recovered well.
Well the past two month ive been having some serious pulling pain in the uterus area and cramping through the month not just during my period After sex and oing i got the worst cramping like a muscle spasm in my uterus. This has never happened and I'm nervous that i have a or many big fibroids.
My question are How can they see them - ultra sound ? Will they remove them surgically or wait to see if they shrink? What symptoms made you go to your doctor?
My last big surgery wasn't bad but now that I have a baby it whole different ball game as far as the recovery.🥴 I don't even know if thats what it is for sure but from what i have seen it most likely is fibroids or cysts
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2021.10.19 14:05 HUMAN-ERROR404 Looking for primary barber school recommendations in or around prov.

Hey guys, I’m looking for any recommendations for barber schools in or around RI. A lot of places I’ve looked at are both salon/beauty and barber programs combined. Im looking for just a barber school.
A lot of schools/programs also had very mixed reviews. If anyone has any first hand experience or advice it would be much appreciated.
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2021.10.19 14:05 Agreeable-Rise-7155 Despite the disagreements over the BETA we are all looking forward to playing this new BATTLEFIELD release. BF2042 is going to be a revolution I hope because of its content.

Despite the disagreements over the BETA we are all looking forward to playing this new BATTLEFIELD release. BF2042 is going to be a revolution I hope because of its content. submitted by Agreeable-Rise-7155 to Battlefield [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 14:05 BradleyH117 What do you think about the kidnapping situation about the Americans in Haiti?

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